young corn plant
close-up of cucumbers and tomatoes
The Brad McCauley family is featured in a new STEM educational book produced by Kansas Corn. The writer followed the McCauley family through a year of farming to produce “We Grow Corn – Raising corn on a Kansas family farm.
: Nebraska Extension entomologist, Tom Hunt (center), told producers at the recent Soybean Management Field Days event near Pilger, that planting dates seem to impact soybean gall midge infestation.
auger spewing corn
technician scouts a field on ATV with tablet
Who would have thought that the drought would affect a vitamin It takes 17 acres of soybean plants to make 1 kg vitamin E said Carilyn Carlson Anderson president of Carlson Labs The plowing under of the soybean plants due to drought means less oil for supplements The oil will first be used in other industries such as food animal feed before it reaches the supplement industry The price of vegetable oil distillate is skyrocketing as the supply diminishes