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Survey shines light on spring troubles

The Farm Progress PANEL provides snapshot of a not-too-happy spring planting season

Willie Vogt

June 7, 2021

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INJURY: We don't like running ugly corn pictures but based on what Farm Progress PANEL members told us, this was a common sight, as was parched ground and more. The 2021 spring season has been a challenge. Willie Vogt

There are times when people are busy, and they just don't want to be bothered, and that may have happened for respondents of the latest Farm Progress PANEL. While the response was a little lighter than usual, the information shared was still enlightening.

We asked our PANEL "Just how has spring weather been on your operation?"

Just over one-third responded that they have been delayed by wet weather. The PANEL went to participants just ahead of the hot spell that's gripping the Midwest. But given the soggy fields seen across areas ranging from Kansas to Indiana show that while drought grips parts of the country, there's rain in some places.

Half the respondents had the opposite problem noting they were dry but "we planted anyway." This plant in hope of rain approach sometimes pays off, but also shows that the 2021 season is challenging farmers in new ways.

Perhaps the most telling answer came from 16% of the respondents who answered "I don't want to talk about it." Given some of the images we've seen on Twitter and Facebook. There's no doubt that may be true.

As spring turns to summer – which apparently happened on a Saturday – we hope the rest of your season is a little more "normal."

Stay safe this season. And thanks to everyone who responded to these PANEL questions.


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Willie Vogt

Executive Director, Content and User Engagement, Farm Progress

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