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Record keeping for Dicamba products

Reminders about reporting Dicamba nonperformance
Are you planning on using a Dicamba product this year? Be prepared to get training and keep the required records!

Source: Penn State University Extension

Due to the fact that it’s difficult to pinpoint the source of off-target damage from Dicamba, extensive recordkeeping is required for applications this year.

The New Recordkeeping forms include:

1.The required Dicamba applicator training must be recorded (Date Completed and the provider) You must retain proof of completion.
2.Retain receipts of each purchase for each application and retain a copy of the product label.
3.Susceptible Crop Awareness - Being Aware of Neighboring fields with Sensitive Crops, record a date this was done.
4.The full name of the certified applicator.
5.Certification number of the certified applicator.
6.Product name.
7.EPA Registration number.
8.Total Amount applied.
9.Application Month, Day and Year.
10.Location of the application.

Dave Wilson/Penn State University

11.Crop or site receiving the application.
12.Size of the area treated.
13.Application timing – Pre-Emergence or Post emergence. If post emergence record the number of days after planting.
14.Spray Nozzle type and operating pressure.
15.Documentation of Spray System cleanout.
16.List of Tank Mixes, Product name and EPA registration number.
17.Start time the application begins and the finish time.
18.Air temperature.
19.Wind Speed and Wind Direction.

This information must be recorded and kept on file. The records must be kept for every individual application.

These record keeping forms are available in pdf form online.
•BASF Engenia Record Keeping form - Application Record Keeping and Training Requirements Form. After clicking hyperlink, the form will be available to open in Acrobat by clicking on the file under your downloads.
•DuPont FeXapan Record Keeping form - Visit the Dupont website and click on the link titled Example Record Keeping Form for FeXapan™ Applications (PDF).
•Monsanto Xtendimax Record Keeping form.

Originally posted by Penn State University Extension. 

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