No surprises in latest crop progress report

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The latest crop progress report is out and shows harvest is a little ahead of schedule.

Harvest is clipping along and some might say ahead of schedule. The warm air and early start in many states, has both the corn and soybean harvests moving at a faster pace than the 4-year average (2016-2020).

The past harvest

The USDA crop progress report shows 73 percent of the soybean fields have been harvested so far and 66 percent of the corn harvests are finished. The soybeans are behind where they were in 2020, which stood at 82 percent. And in the corn fields, 70 percent of the corn had been harvested at this point in 2020.

According to the USDA, the four-year average shows that normally at this time of the year, 70 percent of the soybeans are off the field and 53 percent of the corn crop has been completed.


The crop progress report shows 81 percent of the corn in Missouri has been harvested followed by Illinois farmers reporting 78 percent; and Minnesota at 70 percent. Nebraska and Iowa fields stand at 60 percent complete. Indiana producers report 57 percent of the crop has been harvested; Wisconsin follows (48); then Michigan (47); Ohio (41) and Pennsylvania (37).


In the soybean fields, the USDA shows Minnesota is just about complete (95); South Dakota (93); Nebraska (88); Iowa (83); Wisconsin (74); Ohio (70); Illinois (68); Indiana (63) and Michigan stands firm with Missouri with almost half of the harvest complete (49).

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