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New from NorthStar Genetics for 2018

NorthStar signs in cornfield
NEW FROM NORTHSTAR: NorthStar Genetics shows off its new products in the field.
Northern Seed Extra: NorthStar Genetics introduces 18 new corn and soybean seed products.

For 2018, NorthStar Genetics announces the introduction of new varieties of corn and soybeans:

• 12 new Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean varieties
• one new Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean variety
• five new LibertyLink soybean varieties
• six Monsanto corn hybrids
• three Agrisure corn hybrids
• two conventional corn hybrids 

The following are descriptions of the new seed products provided by the company:

Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans
• NS 60053XR2. Very strong performance in testing, and you can see the yield in this one as it finishes.

• NS 60083NXR2. Superior iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) tolerance and a “must-plant” on your tough acres.

• NS 60393NXR2. Great IDC and phytophera root rot (PRR) tolerance, and adaptation east to west is outstanding.

• NS 60513NXR2. Great-looking profile with medium height and nice width; well above yield curve in Minnesota and North Dakota trials.

• NS 60743NXR2. Very strong IDC performance, and an excellent agronomic package to cover wide areas of adaptation.

• NS 60823NXR2. High win rate in test sets with products of later maturity. Place on your well-managed acres for outstanding performance.

• NS 61153NXR2. A “plant-me-anywhere” product with excellent east-to-west adaptation with high stress tolerance.

• NS 61493NXR2. Double-gene PRR protection with full brown stem rot (BSR) resistance and outstanding performance across central Minnesota and eastern South Dakota.

• NS 61663NXR2. A variety that has yield with an overall good agronomic package that provides wide adaptation area.

• NS 61903NXR2. Two gene PRR tolerance, sclerotinia white mold (SWM) tolerance, and resistance to BSR, with stress tolerance that allows great east-to-west movement.

• NS 62323NXR2. A great, full-season, offering with superior cyst nematode protection, and good SWM and IDC tolerance.

• NS 62483NXR2. Our fullest-maturity product that packs in high yield potential, with best performance west and in zone of maturity adaptation.

Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans
• NS 1063NR2. Excellent soybean cyst nematode (SCN) resistance, stacked PRR tolerance, great yield performance, and it is widely adapted to perform in all soils.

LibertyLink soybeans
• NS 0773NLL. A combination of very solid defensive traits with high yield potential that maintains performance moving north and south of maturity zone.

• NS 0819NLL. A consistent yield performer and identified as having cyst nematode protection.

• NS 2013NLL. Attractive plan appearance all season, and outstanding performance moving north and south within maturity zone.

• NS 2372NLL. Excellent top-end yield performance, very good cyst resistance. Best performance on fields without high pH concerns.

• NS 2403NLL. Competes well with 2.6-maturity products, maintains high performance across a variety of soil types, and has strong agronomic characteristics.

Monsanto corn hybrids
• NS 79-519 VT2PRIB. Works in varied conditions, but responds well to high management with fast drydown for maturity.

• NS 83-538 VT2PRIB. Very early flowering for maturity, high test weight, and shorter stature with nice ear placement. Best performance when used as a full-season hybrid.

• NS 87-545 VT2PRIB. A medium-tall showy plant type, with girthy ear and good kernel depth. Very strong emergence and very good top-end yield potential.

• NS 88-124 VT2PRIB. An ultra-durable hybrid with nice yield potential and very good disease package.

• NS 90-505 VT2PRIB. Flexible, durable, and has high yield potential with strong emergence and seedling vigor. Outstanding drought tolerance.

• * NS 94-162 VT2PRIB. Very good stability in stalk and root ratings, nice flex ear with deep kernels, and widely adapted across areas that handle this maturity.

Agrisure corn hybrids
• * NS 84-341 3220A. Excellent root and stalk strength, widely adapted to a variety of soil types with medium stature. Nice ear placement.

• * NS 85-369 GTA. Very high yield potential, excellent stalks and roots, very good late-season health, and is widely adapted east to west.

• * NS 93-339 3220A-EZ. Excellent grain quality with high test weight, excellent stalks and roots; has taller plant structure.

Conventional corn
• * NS 93-160 CONV. Very good stability in stalk and root ratings. Nice flex ear with deep kernels, and disease tolerance with impressive yield.

• * NS 99-128 CONV. A semi-flex hybrid with girthy ears that produces high yield potential, very strong northern corn leaf blight and Goss’s wilt tolerance. Great corn-on-corn option.

For more information and to find a dealer near you visit NorthStar Genetics.

Source: NorthStar Genetics

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