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GroForward nutrients showing results

Learn more about what farmers are seeing in their fields with Nutra-Crop

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Finding the right nutrient products to maximize your soil health and plant productivity can often feel like a game of trial and error. With so many products offering such impressive agronomic benefits, how do you pick what’s right for your fields?

Selecting the right mix to match your fields is why Nutra-Crop launched their GroForward family of nutrient solutions. From starters to biologicals offering microorganisms and bio-stimulants, and in-furrow to foliar micronutrients, Nutra-Crop has a portfolio with everything you need to maximize your soil and plant health potential. There are several studies against controls and competitors at the www.nutracrop.com website, but don’t just take our word for it, hear what current users are seeing.

Schiele Farms of North Dakota and Wenning Farms, Inc. of Indiana recently shared how they came to work with Nutra-Crop and the results they have seen.

From our customer’s fields

Schiele Farms
Nestled in North Dakota, Schiele Farms is a strictly no-till farm family, putting them about three weeks after their neighbors in a typical planting year. Despite the three week difference, after just one week in the ground, the Schieles were seeing crops equal in size and stature to their neighbors. The difference? The Schieles use Nutra-Crop’s EnduraLife, as well as their in-furrow fertilizer and adding micronutrients. Industry Voice Photos-01.jpg
In 2018, only seven inches of rain fell in the Schieles’ area. Despite the extreme drought, they had 30-50 percent higher soybean yields. Investing in Nutra-Crop’s nutrient mix-and-match solutions provided the extra boost their soil and plants needed.

Wenning Farms, Inc.
When you find something that produces results year after year, you stick with it. Wenning Farms in Southern Indiana has seen the results, and now utilizes the full range of Nutra-Crop products. From seed treatment with EnduraSeed, in-furrow with EnduraLife and ZenaGro, and foliar nutrients through FortiGro, the Wennings have found the right nutrient mix to match their field’s needs.
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After trying several competitive products, Nutra-Crop has consistently provided the Wennings a 6-12 bushel increase in their corn — a strong return on investment. A neighbor shared a 17 bushel increase with their corn after their first year with Nutra-Crop’s microorganisms and bio-stimulants: EnduraLife and EnduraFeed. The Wennings also use Forti7, Forti8, as well as ZenaGro solutions such as ZenaB.

“I like the personal way Nutra-Crop works with us. They came to the farm the first time and they continue to visit to see how it’s going. We now use pretty much all of their products.”
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To learn more about Nutra-Crop, visit www.nutracrop.com.

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