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Grain Carts GaloreGrain Carts Galore

Kate Royer 1

February 1, 2006

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Looking for ways to streamline harvest and save some time while you're at it? Then check out this roundup of time-saving grain carts.

Grain carts on the market now have features that speed up unloading time and hold bigger loads, making harvesting more efficient. These are some of the carts available and the reasons why they could be a smart purchase for your farm.

Unverferth's 8250 grain cart has an 850-bu. capacity and a 17-in. corner auger with an unloading time of 400 bu./min. The corner positioning of the auger gives the operator unobstructed visibility from the tractor cab. The cart weighs approximately 9,200 lbs., and heavy-duty axles, special-alloy high-strength spindles and 10-bolt hubs allow smooth trailing, low maintenance and high durability. You can find more information at www.unverferth.com.

Kinze's 850 Harvest Commander has a capacity of 850-bu. and an 18-in. full tilt auger. This cart has a low-profile design that gives it exceptional strength and stability. The unique On-Demand Positive Drive System requires no chains or sprockets, which results in fewer wear parts and less daily maintenance. Kinze's optional Sof-Tred tires reduce soil compaction and ride smoother. For more information go to www.kinze.com or call 319-668-1300.

The Demco 950 bushel grain cart has a 950-bu. capacity and 18-in. forward folding auger. It's driven by a slip clutch PTO shaft, and the auger folds within the width of the box for easier transporting and storage. The cart is available with a 120-in. fixed or 120-144 in. adjustable axle tread width. The welded-box construction has silicone sealed seams to resist rust and corrosion. For more information visit www.demco-products.com or call 800-543-3626.

The Killbros. 1170 grain cart has a 750-bu. capacity and 14-in. corner auger. The cart weighs approximately 7,810 lbs., and has a shear bolt-protected driveline with extra shear bolts that store along the tongue for minimal downtime. Transport lights and reflective striping give added safety. Some optional features include a roll-over tarp, a scale package for in-field weighing and a hydraulic drive kit. Visit www.killbros.com for more information.

J&M Manufacturing Co. offers the 875-18 grain cart, with a capacity of up to 875 bu. and an 18-in. front folding auger. The patented design allows 100% auger visibility while unloading and during the folding sequence. The cart weighs approximately 9,300 lbs. and has a standard PTO drive. It has an unloading time of about 2 min., and features the patented hydraulic flow control spout. Visit www.jm-inc.com or call 419-375-2376 for more information.

The Balzer Field Floater 1000 grain cart has a 1,000-bu. capacity and a 24-in. auger, which empties approximately 1,000 bu. of dry corn in 55 seconds. This larger grain cart weighs approximately 19,850 lbs. The available large flotation tires reduce compaction, and Tridem (six tires) axles are also available. Other optional accessories include a 7-in. color video camera system and an electronic scale system. Go to www.balzerinc.com or call 800-795-8551.

The Orthman 996 grain cart has an 825-bu. capacity. The 17-in. corner-mounted auger provides excellent visibility from the tractor cab for positioning and unloading. The axle widths on the 996 are adjustable to six settings, from 120 to 154 in., for various row configurations, and transport width has narrowed by more than 9 in. compared to previous Orthman grain carts. This cart has a complete unloading time of just over 3 min. Go to www.orthman.com to get more information.

The GCP850 by Brandt offers an 850-bu. capacity and an 18-in. front corner auger that allows greater driver visibility. It has a standard PTO drive, with an optional conversion to a hydraulic drive, and a fully adjustable axle, from 120 to 144 in. The graphite coated interior gives growers clean, complete unloading. The GCP850 weighs about 9,140 lbs. Call 870-552-7517 or go to www.brandtpmc.com for more information.

Bourgault's 750 Smart Cart provides a 750-bu. capacity and an 18-in. turret-style unloading auger. This cart has a choice of PTO drive, hydraulic drive or both, and has an approximate weight of 11,600 lbs. Full-length roll tarps are available, along with an electronic weight scale to accurately track yields. Visit www.bourgault.com for more information.

Parker's 739 grain cart has a 750-bu. capacity and a 17-in. side-folding corner auger. The PTO shear bolt design helps protect the gearbox and driveline, and requires minimal maintenance. The cart unloads at 400 bu./min., and has an optional hydraulic drive for tractors without a PTO. Other features include an auger spotlight for greater visibility and a unique sump design that funnels all grain to one spot, helping feed the auger for faster unloading. Visit www.allianceag.com/parker for more information.

Brent's 80 Series features the Eight Hundred 80 cart, with an 840-bu. capacity and a 20-in. corner-folding auger. The multi-directional downspout gives greater unloading flexibility. The cart's approximate weight is 11,480 lbs. and it has a shear-bolt protected PTO drive. It also has an optional adjustable tubular steel axle. For more information visit www.unverferth.com or call 800-322-6301.

The Purdy grain cart is available in 600-, 700- and 800-bu. capacities, and has a 16-in. unloading, gravity-fed auger. The hinged and hydraulically controlled auger can be laid back for transportation and shed storage. It has an unloading speed of approximately 200 bu./min. The patented rocking tandem-axle system allows each of the wheels to follow the contour of the ground, giving a smoother ride. For more information go to www.purdymfg.com.

The Shuttlekart 800 Series by Degelman has a 16-in. unloading swivel auger and an 800-bu. capacity. The cart features hydraulically operated flow control that allows the operator to regulate grain flow without adjusting PTO speed. Built-in safety lights, a swing-up loader, rear tow hooks and an internal ladder and catwalk all offer added safety and convenience. Visit www.degelman.com or call 800-667-3545 for more information.

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