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Corteva Agriscience announces Resicore XL

Tyler Harris Corteva rep by stand
WIDER WINDOW: While Resicore XL uses a premix of the three active ingredients found in Resicore, it also has a longer application window. "One of the key benefits of Resicore XL is it will give farmers the ability to apply on corn greater than 11 inches tall, which will be the longest application window within the Corteva corn herbicide portfolio today," says Brandon Walter (shown here).
Resicore XL builds on the weed control expected from Resicore, bringing wider application window, improved crop safety and tankmix compatibility.

The ag landscape is one that's dynamic and ever-changing. Not only are growers contending with volatile weather patterns narrowing the window for planting, fertilizing and spraying, but also a growing range of weeds developing resistance to different chemistries.

"Because of that, farmers are asking more of their corn herbicide than ever before. In other words, farmers are asking us to deliver new solutions that fit the way they farm to maximize their yield potential," says Brandon Walter, Corteva Agriscience U.S. product manager for corn herbicides.

Back in 2016, Dow AgroSciences (now a part of Corteva) unveiled Resicore — a premix corn herbicide with three modes of action (acetochlor, mesotrione and clopyralid) that controls more than 75 broadleaf weeds and grasses, and provides up to eight weeks of residual activity.

Recently, Corteva Agriscience announced the latest addition to its corn herbicide portfolio: Resicore XL. Corteva hopes to bring Resicore XL to the market in 2022.

"Resicore XL is a premix corn herbicide that can be applied preplant, preemergence and postemergence on corn, and give farmers the type of flexibility to fit about any agronomic program across the United States," Walter says.

Walter explains Resicore XL is built on the weed control farmers expect from Resicore, with the same three modes of action: acetochlor, mesotrione and clopyralid.

"These three effective modes of action will give farmers up to eight weeks of residual activity and control more than 75 broadleaf weeds and grasses, including some of the most troublesome weeds today in the market, like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, marestail and giant ragweed," he says. " As validated by university research, both acetochlor and clopyralid offer farmers a greater level of control on both small- and large-seeded broadleaf weeds."

Wider application window

In addition to the weed control growers have come to expect from Resicore, Resicore XL also provides a wider application window — it can be applied preplant, preemergence and postemergence on corn, and can be applied on corn greater than 11 inches tall.

"By having a wider application window with Resicore XL, this will give farmers that flexibility to move throughout the season and navigate through those challenging weather conditions we face in a given year," Walter says. "Along with that, because of the flexibility that Resicore XL will bring, this product will fit a wide variety of different agronomic programs and also give farmers the customizability to change their application rates depending on what their specific unique needs are within their weed management program."

The acetochlor in Resicore XL is encapsulated, giving increased crop safety on postemergence corn without sacrificing strong residual control.

Lastly, Walter notes Resicore XL also provides greater tank mix compatibility — including with micronutrients and other products, like UAN and ammonium thiosulfate (ATS).

"We know that greater handling characteristics and tank mix compatibility are important to farmers, and Resicore XL will deliver exactly that," he says. "Because of the flexibility that Resicore XL will bring with tankmix compatibility, this product will also be able to be used with other compatible products, such as atrazine, glyphosate and many other corn herbicides within the market today, to help farmers customize and maximize their weed management programs."

Corteva anticipates EPA registration and commercial availability of Resicore XL in 2022.

"This product will give farmers a powerful, flexible, new weed-control solution to help farmers' unique needs today," Walter says. "Resicore XL herbicide will build on the success and the proven powerful weed control that farmers have come to expect from Resicore, with key enhancements, such as wider application window, increased crop safety and greater tankmix compatibility."


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