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AgriGold to debut 15 corn hybrids and 35 soybean varieties

The expanded offerings enhance its ability to tailor products to each farmer

August 23, 2022

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AgriGold will bring 15 new corn hybrids with 21 new trait additions on new and proven hybrids as well as 35 new soybean varieties to the market in 2023. Its latest soybean lineup features 14 new XtendFlex® products, 13 new Enlist E3® soybeans and a new conventional line of eight agronomically sound and versatile varieties.

One of those exciting new traits is SmartStax® PRO, which is geared toward fighting corn rootworm. It utilizes RNAi technology, providing a third mode of action against corn rootworm and tripling root node protection compared with Qrome® products. 

“We take pride in selling versatile products that offer consistent results and allow farmers solutions for their unique challenges,” says Whitney Monin, AgriGold national agronomy manager. “The 2023 additions expand AgriGold’s diverse portfolio to 80 proven corn hybrids and 74 soybean varieties, better enabling us to meet farmers’ needs. That’s powerful.”  

AgriGold Field GX simplifies decisions
AgriGold’s standout hybrid categories combine world-class genetics with farmer fields. AgriGold’s Field GX classifies every hybrid into five genetic families based on genetic background and agronomic characteristics. Knowing a hybrid’s genetic family helps simplify management, reduce risk, and maximize results in farmers’ fields.  

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Standout new corn hybrids
The new lineup of corn hybrids aligns with AgriGold’s mission of moving genetics forward, says John Brien, AgriGold eastern agronomy manager. He details, “The 2023 offerings with relative maturities (RM) ranging from 89 to 120 days averaged an impressive 5.8 bushel per acre genetic gain compared with last year’s lineup.”

Just a few of the hybrids expected to make waves in 2023 include the following:  

  • A630-04VT2RIB (Field GX H) features a unique and brand-new genetic family that brings tremendous yield potential across multiple environments and has a look unlike any other hybrid in the industry. This 100-day RM product flexes in kernel depth, allowing farmers to match their planting population to their yield goals.

  • A636-16STXRIB (Field GX B) is a 106-day RM hybrid with exceptional tar spot tolerance. While its base genetics are not new, the addition of SmartStax makes this a must-plant in disease- and corn rootworm-challenged environments. The kernel depth-flexing hybrid has a consistent ear and tremendous yield potential across environments.

  • A642-76VT2RIB (Field GX F and H) is a new genetic package for AgriGold. This 112-day RM has gained a lot of attention because of its strong agronomics. Thanks to its kernel-flexing ability, farmers planning to manage nitrogen and fungicide later in the season will see more starch packed into each kernel, raising yields. It produces a consistent ear and has great grain quality. With strong emergence and vigor, this hybrid is a solid choice for farmers planting early.

  • A646-30VT2RIB (Field GX F and H) is a new, 116-day RM for AgriGold that’s best known for superior plant health and ear length. Under the toughest leaf disease conditions, it can stay green and continue growing. The ear flexes in length and adds kernels as the yield environment improves. That paired with great tip fill and strong grain quality make this hybrid a strong competitor in higher-yield environments.

  • A650-21VT2RIB (Field GX F and H) is a new full-season workhorse. The medium-statured plant has flex in length, giving it a unique look in the 120-day RM market. It’s a great choice for tougher dryland acres thanks to its high drought tolerance. Strong agronomics round out this diverse and adaptable hybrid. 

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The hybrid profile is an important component of AgriGold’s story. To better relay that story to the farmer, the seed company has improved its ear flex categorization. It now categorizes products based on ear length, ear girth and kernel flex, telling a more complete story that farmers can leverage.  

“This is the biggest change we’ve made in years, and it’s a shift aimed at telling farmers a lot more about the hybrids they are purchasing and how they fit their ground, management style and goals,” Brien explains.  

Soybean offerings expand
“Our soybean portfolio is bigger and more diverse than it has ever been before,” Western Agronomy Manager Steve Schany says, referencing the company’s 74 different soybean varieties with maturities spanning from 0.3 to a 6.4 determinant soybean. “Our 2023 soybean platform is the most offensive we have offered to date,” he says, adding “We’ve been able to maintain an outstanding 2.44 bushel per acre annual genetic gain in this new launch class.”

The following are some standouts from the class of 2023: 

  • G2549E3 brings an upgraded yield level to our mid-group II offerings. It produces an attractive, medium-statured plant, with good standability and well-rounded agronomics. Its strong tolerance to Phytophthora root rot helps it to stand out in glacial-till soils.

  • G2622XF has a unique genetic package that makes it well-suited for well-drained, highly productive acres. Strong emergence and high no-till adaptability ratings allow this variety to excel early. It’s no wonder the variety is planted to a large geographic footprint.

  • G2951E3 is a new Enlist E3 offering with a go-anywhere approach that our customers request. It’s known for great standability and a proven genetic background. Its top-end yield potential generates excitement in highly productive areas.

  • G3692XF is a mid-group III, sulfonylurea-tolerant soybean (STS) with strong performance from east to west. Although its best placement is on the productive acre, the variety’s stress tolerance gives it the capacity to excel on marginal soil types, too. Well-rounded agronomics and disease tolerance have resulted in broad placement.

  • G3875E3 has a unique genetic package that brings stem canker resistance, strong standability and stress tolerance to our lineup. Its canopy style means it adapts well to lower populations and wide rows and makes it an excellent fit on rugged-acre farms.

AgriGold will also simplify its seed treatment options with the 2023 lineup to ensure adequate supplies while still providing the flexibility for farmers to select a value or premium option. Schany explains, “We’ve upgraded two major ingredients in our AgriShield® MAX with Saltro® seed treatment. We have replaced metalaxyl with a mefenoxam for improved Pythium control. We’re also stepping up Rhizoctonia control with the addition of the brand new, industry-leading sedaxane.” 

Robust AgriGold lineup gives farmers more freedom to choose
“AgriGold’s large and diverse portfolio of corn and soybean products deliver freedom. Our farmer customers have the freedom to choose the trait that’s best for their farm, their management style and their yield goals thanks to our robust product offerings,” Monin says. 

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