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Crops department

NK-brand new offerings

Syngenta Seeds is introducing 14 new NK-brand corn hybrids for 2004. Ten varieties have the YieldGard and LibertyLink added traits. The company also offers 10 new soybean varieties with the Roundup Ready added trait and S57-P1, which is stacked with STS technology for resistance to sulfonylurea herbicides. Call Syngenta at 800/258-0498, visit

Wide variety from Pioneer

Growers will have a wide choice of hybrids from Pioneer Hi-Bred International for 2004. It is introducing 50 new corn hybrids. The lineup includes new hybrids with Herculex I insect protection, which also contains the LibertyLink-resistant gene. Pioneer expanded its range of hybrids with the Roundup Ready (RR) trait.

Among its soybean lines, Pioneer offers 23 new varieties. Nineteen of them contain the RR gene, and 13 contain both the RR gene and soybean cyst nematode resistance. Sixteen varieties also carry a multi-race resistance to Phytophthora root rot.

Insect control from NC+

NC+ secured the rights to offer YieldGard rootworm seed corn and Gustafson's Poncho seed-applied insecticide for the 2004 crop. It will offer four YieldGard rootworm hybrids. Poncho will be available in two rates; the higher rate is recommended for use in the refuge for YieldGard rootworm fields.

NC+ also is introducing six YieldGard corn borer hybrids, three Roundup Ready (RR) hybrids, a YieldGard corn borer hybrid with the RR trait, and two conventional hybrids. The company also offers seven new RR soybean varieties and one new grain sorghum hybrid.

Contact NC+ Hybrids, Dept. FIN, 3820 N. 56th St., Lincoln, NE 68504, visit or

Seed treatments for CRW

The corn-soybean rotation faces yet another challenge. Extended diapause and soybean variant corn rootworm (CRW) are expanding their ranges, resulting in an increased incidence of root-feeding damage in first-year corn. It seems Monsanto's timing for the release of its new CRW-resistant hybrids couldn't be better.

Competitors such as Pioneer and Syngenta NK Seeds aren't taking the situation lightly. Both companies have promoted the use of seed treatments for control of CRW and other root-feeding pests. Studies have shown the treatments to be as effective as many soil-applied insecticides.

Syngenta is continuing its Force St seed treatment guarantee program for another season but is transitioning more customers to Cruiser CRW for its broader control spectrum and better safety profile.

Pioneer is primarily offering Gustafson's new Poncho 1250 seed-applied insecticide as its answer to CRW. Pioneer also offers Cruiser and Poncho 250 seed-applied insecticides. Price of treated seed will vary but is expected to be competitive with the price of CRW-resistant seed.

Although treated seed requires additional handling, it offers some advantages, including the ability to protect CRW refuge acres. Treated, rather than genetically modified, seed also adds flexibility if a farmer needs to market non-genetically modified grain. Moreover, the new CRW-resistant hybrids are expected to be in short supply for at least the coming planting season.

New Mycogen offerings

Mycogen Seeds now offers 41 new grain corn hybrids, 12 new soybean varieties and one new sorghum variety for 2004. All of the company's soybean varieties will be carried under the Atlas brand.

The company has launched a new products Web site to help customers learn more about the new offerings. The site offers information grouped into four main categories: product development, new technology, new products and stewardship. Visit it at

Many of the new hybrids include technology for Herculex I, LibertyLink, YieldGard rootworm and YieldGard corn borer. Products with herbicide tolerance include Roundup Ready corn hybrids and the new Atlas-brand Roundup Ready soybeans.

Call Mycogen at 800/692-6436, visit or

Bulk seed handling

Friesen USA just introduced the new Seed Express for bulk seed handling that is geared for the largest planters on the market. Seed Express provides the necessary angle and reach to fill today's large bulk planters with its new Ultimate Reach Conveyor. The conveyor also offers a better reach for all other planters. It swings 180°, allowing the best filling positions from the left, right or rear.

The Seed Express features a cleated belt that conforms to the tube. The belt carries rather than propels the seed with no rollback for gentle delivery. The low-speed/high-volume delivery of 900 lbs./min. will fill planters quickly. A variable speed feature offers fingertip flow control.

List price for Seed Express is $9,650. Call Friesen USA, Inc., at 800/437-2334, visit or

Golden Harvest releases

For 2004, Golden Harvest Seeds released a long line of new hybrids, ranging from 83 to 115 days in maturity. The 39 new hybrids include eight experimental numbers with YieldGard corn rootworm technology. Golden Harvest Agronomy Up Front Research has studied Poncho as a seed-applied insecticide on its hybrids since 2000. Now that Poncho has received EPA approval, the company will offer the insecticide in 2004 at two rates: Poncho 250 and Poncho 1250.

The company also offers 25 new soybean varieties with 23 containing the Roundup Ready technology. Thirteen of the varieties are Phytophthora resistant and 12 are soybean cyst nematode resistant.

Call Golden Harvest at 800/610-7333, visit or

Garst offers YieldGard

Growers may buy YieldGard corn rootworm (CRW) hybrids from Garst Seed Company for 2004. Garst will offer nine YieldGard hybrids, one YieldGard/Roundup Ready stacked hybrid and three YieldGard/IT stacked hybrids in addition to three IT hybrids and five non-trait hybrids. Also on line are several CRW-protected hybrids, some of which are stacked with the RR trait.

Garst will sell 26 new soybean varieties for 2004, including 11 RR/soybean cyst nematode varieties.

Call Garst at 888/464-2778, visit or

DeKalb offerings

DeKalb launches 21 new corn hybrids featuring such technology as the YieldGard corn borer trait and the Roundup Ready (RR) trait. Three of the new hybrids have the YieldGard rootworm trait. DeKalb also offers 14 new soybean varieties, all featuring the RR trait.

Call DeKalb Genetics at 800/833-5252, visit

New from Asgrow

Asgrow Seed Company is producing 16 new soybean varieties that offer high yields and in-seed disease and pest protection. More than 90% of the new varieties contain the Roundup Ready (RR) trait. Many also include built-in tolerance to diseases and pests such as soybean cyst nematode.

Six new corn hybrids highlight Asgrow's offerings, including Monsanto's YieldGard corn borer, YieldGard rootworm and RR traits.

Call Asgrow at 888/827-4769, visit

CRW control from Fielder's Choice

The direct-to-grower seed company, Fielder's Choice Direct, just announced it is releasing three corn hybrids with YieldGard corn rootworm protection. Call Fielder's Choice at 800/321-3177, visit

SCN-resistant soybeans

The soybean cyst nematode's (SCN) hold should drop with the introduction of soybean varieties that are resistant to the pest. Latham Seeds has developed seven new soybean varieties with CystX SCN resistance. The new varieties offer near-complete to complete genetic resistance to all known races of SCN. The new varieties will be available for the 2004 crop.

Latham reports that the new varieties maintain top yields. Because the varieties were developed using traditional breeding methods, the crop faces no marketing restrictions. The company says it is the only seed provider in the Upper Midwest to offer CystX soybeans.

Contact Latham Seeds, Dept. FIN, 131-180th St., Alexander, IA 50420, 800/798-3258, visit or

Western bean cutworm protection

Herculex I is now registered for protection against western bean cutworm, which causes damage in fields across the Corn Belt. Herculex I is the only in-plant trait on the market with EPA registration for this protection. Herculex I hybrids are resistant to over-the-top applications of Liberty herbicide, offering protection against pests such as European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, black cutworm, fall armyworm and now the western bean cutworm. Contact Mycogen Seeds, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company, at, visit>

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