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Crops department

Baythroid insecticide

Baythroid 2, an emulsifiable pyrethroid insecticide, is now labeled for use on field corn, seed corn, popcorn and soybeans, according to Bayer CropScience.

The insecticide, which already was labeled for use in alfalfa, sunflowers, sorghum, sweet corn, cotton, potatoes and many vegetable crops, can be applied to control both early- and late-season pests. For control of early-season pests, it can be applied with liquid fertilizers or herbicides.

In corn, Baythroid controls such insects as cutworm, armyworm, earworm, corn borer and stalk borer. In soybeans, it is labeled for control of bean leaf beetle, webworm, grasshoppers and other insects.

“The expanded label means that retailers can stock one product equally useful on most broad-acre crops and vegetables,” says Jon Mixson, Bayer CropScience product manager.

Bulk soybean seed pickup

Growers in the market for bulk quantities of soybeans may pick up unpackaged soybean seed in bulk directly from Pioneer Hi-Bred production plants until March 1. Growers participating in the PROBulk Plant Pickup System will receive a $1.25/unit discount on purchases of 250 units or more with one unit equaling 50 lbs. of seed.

Participating soybean production plants are located in Tipton, IN; LeRoy, IL; Litchfield, IL; McLeansboro, IL; Woodhull, IL; Cherokee, IA; Hedrick, IA; Renwick, IA; Jackson, MN; Wahpeton, ND; and Grand Rapids, OH.

Varieties included in the PROBulk Plant Pickup are subject to availability. Once a customer has picked up the seed, he may not return it.

Smooth spraying

The new SPX3200 sprayer from Case IH Application Equipment offers growers improved productivity, better stability and improved braking. The 2003 Class III sprayer model features a 1,000-gal. tank, with 25% more capacity than that of the previous model. The larger tank creates a lower center of gravity for better vehicle performance. The company says it extended the wheelbase 21 in. — to 140 in. — to improve ride and field stability and make the sprayer easier to turn. Front disc brakes increase stopping power. When the sprayer is fully loaded, its stopping distance meets ASAE braking standards. Plus, the company redesigned the service center to be more user friendly.

The 2003 model is powered by a Case IH 5.9-l, 6-cyl. turbocharged engine, rated at 200 hp with 600 ft.-lbs. of peak torque and a road speed of 30 mph. The sprayer is available with either 80- or 90-ft. self-centering booms. Growers may add the AIM Command spray system or the AIM Navigation System IV. Price: $148,059. Call Case IH Application Equipment at 800/328-9128, visit or

Fast moisture probing

You can take moisture and temperature readings in bulk grains or feed quickly and accurately with the new Sinar SP Moisture Probe from CSC Scientific. To read the moisture content, you insert the probe in the product and press the H2O button. The microprocessor used in the Sinar moisture analyzers performs three tests simultaneously: capacitance, temperature and weight. The moisture percentage is then processed, calculated and reported in 6 sec.

Price: $2,700. Contact CSC Scientific Co. Inc., Dept. FIN, 2810 Old Lee Hwy., Fairfax, VA 22031, 800/458-2558, visit or

Wireless NH3 monitor

The new Fluent Systems NH3 Monitor allows you to monitor the fluid level of an anhydrous ammonia tank from the tractor cab. The wireless monitor includes two units. The tank unit is mounted on the nurse tank's existing gauge to detect the fluid level in the tank. That unit sends the data to a cab unit mounted in the tractor cab. In addition, the NH3 Monitor reports average application rate per acre and the amount of time remaining until the tank is empty.

The NH3 Monitor is simple to install and use. The tank unit works in conjunction with the existing float gauge to take fluid level measurements electromagnetically. A highly engineered product, the monitor uses microprocessors and sophisticated software to address issues such as fluid sloshing and uneven terrain in order to provide correct information.

Fluent Systems tested 50 monitors on Iowa farms last year during fall fertilizer application. Chad Sorenson, president of Fluent Systems, says the monitors worked well during the pilot test and now the company is ready to market them across the Midwest.

Price of the mobile wireless application monitor is $1,450. It is powered by three AA batteries or with a cable from the cab. It comes with a one-year warranty. Contact Fluent Systems LLC, Dept. FIN, 5325 Wall St., Madison, WI 53718, 608/246-8083, visit or

Control volunteer RR corn

Growers worried about volunteer Roundup Ready (RR) corn in their RR soybeans can control it with labeled rates of Select 2 EC from Valent U.S.A. Simply add Select to the Roundup herbicide application. According to the company, Select 2 EC is a broad-spectrum grass herbicide that takes out nearly every grassy weed in almost every broadleaf crop, including soybeans. Call Valent U.S.A. Corp. at 800/682-5368, visit or

Secondary containment

New regulations will require a secondary containment dike on existing farm fertilizer storage tanks greater than 5,000 gal. Enviro Guard provides a complete secondary containment system kit that includes metal panels, liner and mounting clips. The metal panel system uses less space than an earthen dike system and can be dismantled and moved from site to site. Rohlf Construction in Ohio will help farmers navigate the regulations and determine the best configuration for them.

Prices average about $1.50/cu. ft. of contained area for materials. Labor cost is about $2.50/cu. ft. and may be covered by the EQUIP soil and water conservation program. In Ohio, contact Rohlf Construction, 4562 E. Cty. Rd. 34, Green Springs, OH 44836, 419/639-2666. Elsewhere, contact Ramsdell Enviro Services Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 307, Flandreau, SD 57028, 800/658-5571; visit,, or

For an outline of regulatory requirements, see

EPA approved

Dow AgroSciences received EPA registration for Keystone LA herbicide, which will be available for field use this year. Keystone LA is a soil-applied premix of acetochlor and atrazine contained in a suspo-emulsion formulation. The “LA” stands for “less atrazine”; Keystone LA contains half the rate of atrazine found in Keystone herbicide.

Prevent seed blockage

End concerns about air seeder blockages with the new Agtron ARM air seeder blockage sensor. The sensor is static-free and inoculant friendly. The body of the sensor is manufactured from glass-filled plastic, making it very durable. It features a collet-type connection to the hose, requiring no screws or hose adaptors. At $65 each, the sensors are an inexpensive insurance policy to prevent blockage in an air seeder. Sensors are available for 1¼-, 1-, 15/16- and ⅞-in.-inside-diameter hoses. Call Agtron Enterprises at 800/667-0640, visit or

Multilingual guidance

Ag equipment is becoming multilingual. Cultiva now offers a guidance system called Marker Lite that allows the operator to select from Spanish, French, German or English while in the tractor cab. The system may be set up in one language and then changed on the go to another language without jeopardizing any data or settings.

Marker Lite features simple five-button control with both straight-line and contour modes of operation. The entire package, including display, antenna/receiver and all installation parts, sells for $3,795. Contact Cultiva Inc., Dept. FIN, 26 W. Lone Cactus Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85027, 623/580-5070, visit or

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