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Crops department

More tech, longer booms

Spray 120 acres in one hour with the new Redball model 690 high-clearance trailer sprayer. The new model features a 120- or 132-ft. triple-front-fold boom and a tank that holds 2,000 gal. of liquid. Traveling at 8 mph, the sprayer with the 120-ft. boom covers 120 acres/hr. The increased tank capacity of the 690 also lets growers cover more acres per fill. Spraying at a rate of 10 gal./acre, the 690 sprayer will cover 200 acres on one fill. The 120-ft. boom covers 48 rows (30-in.) in one pass, and the 132-ft. boom covers 72 rows (22-in.) in one pass.

Both the sprayer and booms are reengineered. The sprayer features a truss-style frame for maximum strength. The tank is designed with an 18-in. deep sump to eliminate pump cavitation in hilly conditions. It has 3-in. quick-fills for fast fill times. The sprayer is available with a 1,600-gal. tank. Base price for the model 690 sprayer is $65,000.

Redball also introduces a new hooded drift-control boom up to 80 ft. wide for the model 670 high-clearance trailer sprayer. The new drift-control boom is designed for growers who frequently spray glyphosate products in fields adjacent to non-Roundup Ready crops. The hoods help prevent drift.

Contact Redball LLC, Dept. FIN, Box 159, Benson, MN 56215, 877/332-2551, or visit or

Easy planter filling

The Beanhustler planter Fillarm attachment is now compatible with other pneumatic planter fill systems, including Bruning, Christianson (Seed Vac), Yetter (Seed Jet), and Walenga (4-in. system). The Fillarm saves labor because the operator does not need to carry the discharge cyclone and hose from box to box for filling. Instead, a control switch may be mounted at the discharge so that the operator can start and stop the seed flow while guiding the Fillarm over the seed boxes.

The cost of a complete Fillarm attachment for a 3600 Kinze or 1780 John Deere 16- to 31-row planter is $1,485.

For more information, contact Beanhustler Inc., Dept. FIN, 619 Knox Rd. 2300 E., Yates City, IL 61572, 309/358-1544, visit or

Soybean inoculants

A new soybean inoculant increased yields in test plots from 5 to 25%, according to the inoculant developer Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM). The America's Best Inoculant improved yields in test plots at Ohio State University, Tryon Group of Wisconsin, Keystone Group of western Pennsylvania and Beck's Hybrids in Indiana. The new inoculant includes three unique and proprietary strains of Rhizobia bacteria. The addition of Rhizobia bacteria to soybean seed helps the soybean plant take nitrogen from the air and convert it to a form the plant can use. The inoculant may be used with other seed treatments.

The investment for the inoculant is about about $2/acre. Contact ABM, Dept. FIN, Box 222, Van Wert, OH 45891, 877/617-2461, visit or

New, improved RoGators

AGCO introduces a new RoGator model 1264 and has redesigned two current models, the 864 and 1064. From Ag-Chem, a division of AGCO, the RoGators are designed for the large-acreage grower and commercial applicator markets. The RoGator 1264 applicator with a hydrostatic transmission replaces the 1254 model. It features a longer frame, improved ride, redesigned hydraulics and enhanced application system. The 1264 is equipped with a Cat C-9 engine that produces 275 SAE hp, features a waste-gated turbocharger with exhaust brake and is Tier II emissions compliant. List price starts at $225,195.

The redesigned RoGator 864 and 1064 feature heavier-duty front wheel motors, a longer wheelbase and new radial semi-flotation tires. The models are equipped with the same Tier II emissions-compliant Caterpillar 3126B engines that now include a new cooling system to make them run more efficiently. The 864 pumps out 225 SAE hp, and the 1064 produces 250 SAE hp. List price for a base model 864 starts at $174,720, and list for a base model 1064 starts at $183,695.

Contact AGCO Corp., Dept. FIN, 4205 River Green Pkwy., Duluth, GA 30096-2563, 770/813-9200, or visit or

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