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New spreader controller
New Leader introduces Insight, a unique new controller that gives growers the ability to control dry or liquid applications. A long list of features makes this one of the most powerful controllers on the market.

A sunlight-readable touch-screen monitor features color graphics and one of the largest displays in the industry. The simple wiring harness has one power connection for display and CAN modules, making installation fast and easy. Users also enjoy peace of mind with outstanding support from New Leader and Ag Leader.

For additional information about this new controller, contact New Leader at 800/363-1771 or visit

Track system
J&M Manufacturing Company introduces the Storm Tracker track system for grain carts. The new track system has a 36-in.-wide rubber belt that features a belt-wide wheel system. The wheel system uses a large pivot shank, four pivoting mid-rollers and a two-to-one leveraged air spring to maintain maximum effective surface area over uneven terrain and reduce compaction. An air-spring cushion belt tensioner protects components and maintains automatic tension on the belt, while the all-steel wheel guide system reduces wear on the belt guides.

To learn more, call 419/375-2376 or visit

New 120-ft. boom
Cover more ground in less time with the new 120-ft. boom for Nitro sprayers. Spraying at 15 mph, a Nitro sprayer equipped with the new, wider boom operates at the rate of 218 acres/hr. Product tanks of up to 1,400 gal. complement the Miller-St. Nazianz machine’s high capacity.

A Nitro sprayer’s balanced weight design leads to better traction, especially in soft or wet soils and in hilly terrain. An independent suspension system and equal weight distribution to each tire create a lighter footprint and less compaction.

For more product information, call 800/247-5557 or visit

Grain conveyor
KSi Conveyors introduces a new conveyor that moves 700 lbs./min. of seed. The new model features a 6-in., 14-gauge galvanized tube with a patented cleated belt inside the tube and galvanized enclosed return pans for safety and long belt life. It is equipped with an 8-in.-wide belt with 1¼-in. cleats placed on 6-in. centers. The conveyor may be mounted on John Deere 1770 series and 1790 series planters and Case IH 1200 series planters. It lists for $4,050.

For more information, call KSi Conveyors at 888/574-2668 or visit

Spray tips
The Hypro Guardian spray tip incorporates the technologies of drift control and uniform coverage into a FastCap Complete one-piece design. The design includes tip, cap, gasket and removable strainer for fast change-out and safer handling, making the Guardian ideal for applications involving disease, insect and weed control.

The Guardian was carefully engineered to produce medium-sized, air-enhanced droplets over a range of pressures to reduce drift without sacrificing the quality of coverage. Growers and applicators will also achieve greater precision with the stable and consistent 120° spray pattern that allows the boom to be brought closer to the target.

To obtain a list of local distributors, call Hypro Sales at 800/424-9776 or send an e-mail to

Transfer pumps
Hypro Transfer Pumps are high-powered, self-priming polypropylene pumps powered by a 5.5- or 6.5-hp PowerPro gas engine or hydraulic motor. The Transfer Pumps offer flow rates up to 200 gpm and pressures up to 58 psi. The polypropylene pump body makes the product ideal for use in transferring a variety of fluids, including corrosive chemicals like Roundup and atrazine. It also can be used for tank filling, floodwater removal and lawn and garden watering.

To learn more, call 800/424-9776 or visit

Discharge chute
The new Pro-Chute discharge chute from Bulk Seed Systems snaps onto a bulk seed box and allows seed to slide into a planter or planter fill equipment. The Pro-Chute is made with plastic to allow new seed treatments to slide through with ease. The chute clamps tight onto the seed box in five seconds and will not come loose until the cam lever is released. Pro-Chute extends beyond the seed box to allow better reach to the planter.

For more information, call Bulk Seed Systems at 507/342-2222 or visit

Cart with roller harrow
The new DC cart with roller harrow from Remlinger Manufacturing features an adjustable, spike-tooth harrow and two, large, 12-in.-dia. rollers with heavy-duty flanged bearings. The combination provides a high-quality field finishing tool. DC carts are available in 11½- through 40-ft. sizes, with 12-, 14- and 16-ft. center sections.

Contact Remlinger at 800/537-7370.

Sieves and chaffers
Gateway sieves and chaffers from HCC reduce combine downtime by reducing wear and tear on cleaning shoe bushings and bearings. Aluminum and plastic construction results in lower total frame weight without compromising frame strength. The reduced weight makes it easier to change Gateway sieves and chaffers for various crops.

To learn more, call HCC at 815/539-9371.

Efficient reel
HCC designed its Orbit reel to increase combine efficiency by controlling crops through the header auger. By eliminating the gap between the combine’s reel and auger, the Orbit reel provides continuous crop flow and less slugging. It reduces reel carry-over and increases harvest speeds. The Orbit reel’s unique shape allows the reel tines to swing directly past the auger, pushing the crop directly into the auger rather than cropping it on the header floor, where buildup can occur.

To learn more, call HCC at 815/539-9371.

Twin spray cap
The Twin-Air family of assemblies features the Twin spray cap and a combination of spray tips mounted in back-to-back positioning, at a 30° angle. The wide variety of available assemblies allows an operator to match desired application rate, ground speed, application pressure and droplet size. The Twin-Air assemblies are ideal for fungicide and pesticide applications.

Contact Lechler, 445 Kautz Rd., St. Charles, IL 60174, 800/815-6710,

Seed-metering system
Kinze designed its new EdgeVac seed-metering system to provide accurate seed singulation for multiple crops and many seed sizes and shapes. The EdgeVac system releases seed from the edge of the disc directly into the seed tube. The design minimizes tumbling action or a “ricochet effect” inside the seed tube. The new system uses large, 10½-in.-dia. seed discs. This accommodates more seed pockets around the perimeter of the disc and reduces the rpm of the meter. Adjustable seed singulator brushes sweep away potential doubles or triples. The operator changes brush settings simply by turning a spring-loaded lever.

The meter consists of a die-cast, anodized aluminum housing with a wall vent to provide access to outside air, and a brush that segregates the seed reservoir chamber from the seed-release area. The 20-in.-dia. vacuum fan is capable of handling up to 16 rows of corn or 32 rows of soybeans.

The EdgeVac seed meter is available with several disc options to handle a wide range of crops and seed sizes. The operator changes discs by slightly rotating and removing the vacuum cover. The system is available on limited planter models and sizes for the 2006 planting season.

To learn more, call 319/668-1300 or visit New corn traits
Syngenta Seeds introduces Agrisure corn traits for the 2006 growing season. The new traits provide built-in herbicide tolerance and insect protection in elite hybrids.

Agrisure GT provides exceptional tolerance to in-crop applications of glyphosate-based herbicides, even at six times the labeled rate. Agrisure CB helps hybrids reach maximum yields through control of European corn borer, with the added benefit of tolerance to Liberty herbicide. According to Syngenta, hybrids that feature Agrisure CB technology have shown an average yield advantage of more than 7 bu./acre versus non-Bt versions of the same hybrid. Agrisure GT/CB provides the combined benefits of Agrisure GT and Agrisure CB by stacking the proven technologies of glyphosate tolerance and Bt corn borer protection into a single hybrid.

Learn more about Agrisure corn traits at

Trash reel
Remlinger Manufacturing introduces the Trash Reel to clear the trash and residue that build up in front of the feederhouse on a corn head. The unit attaches to the main frame of the corn head and is powered by the combine’s reel drive.

For more information, call Remlinger at 800/537-7370 or visit

Application control
Ag Leader Technology introduces DirectCommand, a new application control module that is added to its Insight display. The DirectCommand system allows applicators to control application rate directly from the Insight display, eliminating the need for a separate in-cab application controller.

AutoSwath automatic boom control comes with DirectCommand and allows the Insight display to automatically shut off individual boom sections as the sprayer goes into and out of already applied areas. This feature is useful around point rows, waterways and field borders. An on-screen coverage map shows skips and overlaps as small as 1 ft. to provide visual verification that the system is doing its job. AutoSwath control also works on applicators that do not have booms, such as spreaders and air carts.

The DirectCommand system connects directly to supported brands of flow meters and valves and controls up to 10 boom valves for either manual or automatic boom section control, supporting both motorized and solenoid-type boom valves. The system is currently available for anhydrous and liquid application.

Learn more at

Harvest headers
Degelman Industries and Geringhoff Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Company recently announced plans to work together on a joint venture to build NorthStar harvest headers in Minot, ND.

The new NorthStar corn head includes an aluminum gearbox in a sealed-oil bath with an independent slip clutch on each row. Miter and crown gear drive boxes in sealed-oil baths and hydraulic deck plates with in-cab adjustment are standard equipment.

The color will be matched to the combine. Rigid or folding models will be available from 4 to 18 rows. To learn more, visit, or call Bob Daws, marketing coordinator, at 701/852-1876.

Wheat herbicide
A new herbicide called Rimfire from Bayer CropScience will fight many grass and broadleaf weeds in spring wheat fields. The company recently received EPA registration for the post-emergent use of Rimfire in Northern Plains wheat fields. The targeted areas include Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. Through contact and residual activity, Rimfire controls both ACC-ase resistant and susceptible wild oat biotypes and certain broadleaf weeds. It also offers good control of many grasses like yellow and green foxtail, downy brome, quackgrass and cheatgrass. The herbicide also controls 12 broadleaf weeds.

Rimfire features a wide application window that stretches from wheat emergence up to flag leaf with strong residual activity to reduce late flushing grasses and broadleaf weeds, including mustards and volunteer canola. Rimfire may be tank mixed with most broadleaf herbicides.

For more information, contact Bayer CropScience at 866/992-2937 or visit

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