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Soybean sendoff

Available in limited quantities, two new soybean varieties from Great Lakes Hybrids complement its Roundup Ready lines. XP 8324 STS, a mid-Group II, offers high yield with a great disease package and average tolerance to white mold. XP 8332 STS, a mid-Group III, has shown a good shatter score in trials. Contact Great Lakes Hybrids, Dept. FIN, Box 637, Ovid, MI 48866, 800/257-7333.

More resistance

Dairyland has seven new soybean varieties for '99. For a variety featuring cyst nematode resistance, pick DS-338/STS. This Group III variety carries good Phytophthora root rot field tolerance. Contact Dairyland Seed Co., Dept. FIN, Box 958, West Bend, WI 53095, 800/236-0163.

Take your pick

Gutwein offers six varieties of soybeans, four resistant to Roundup, that range from a Late Group II to Late Group III. Contact Fred Gutwein & Sons Inc., Dept. FIN, RR1, Box 40, Francesville, IN 47946, 800/457-2700.

Make a choice

Asgrow has 15 new soybeans on the market. AG0901, a late Group 0 maturity, may be a good bet for northern no-till growers. A3469, an early to mid-Group III variety, is resistant to PRR and shows strong standability for easier harvest. Contact Asgrow Seed Co., Dept. FIN, 4140 114th St., Des Moines, IA 50322, 515/331-7100.

Easy soil sampling

Get many samples of your soil without getting off your ATV with Concord's new 2001 auger soil sampler.

Working off its own hydraulics, the 2001 works the ground in a semicircle. You operate the auger with a joystick to extend the unit's arm out and down to obtain a soil sample, then back and up to drop the sample in a provided bowl - all while sitting on the ATV. The sampler mounts with four bolts directly onto the ATV's rack (or the back of a pickup truck) and operates off its own 61/2-hp engine. The arm features a 1-in.-dia., carbide-tipped auger for soil collection. According to the company, it operates with speed in frozen, wet or sticky soil conditions. List price: $4,900. Contact Concord Environmental Equipment, Dept. FIN, RR 1, Box 78, Hawley, MN 56549, 218/937-5100.

Ninety bushels per acre

In Ohio State University testing, Dairyland Seed's DSR-293/RR Roundup Ready soybean yielded 90.10 bu./acre, making the yield of the Huron County test plot 11.51 bu. higher than the plot average yield.

According to the company, it is the first to record 90 bu./acre with a Roundup Ready soybean variety. Contact Dairyland Seed Co., Dept. FIN, Box 958, West Bend, WI 53095, 800/236-0163.

Big offering for'99

Mycogen has 56 new hybrids and varieties for the 1999 growing season.

The lineup includes 24 conventional corn hybrids, 16 soybean varieties, three corn silage hybrids, six sunflower hybrids, five sorghum hybrids and two alfalfa varieties.

Eight of the new corn hybrids are tolerant to imidazolinone herbicides; some carry enhanced protection against first-generation European corn borer.

Nine of the new soybean varieties are Roundup Ready; two are resistant to soybean cyst nematode. The other conventional varieties provide varying degrees of field tolerance to Phytophthora, brown stem rot and other diseases. Contact Mycogen Seeds, Dept. FIN, Box 21428, St. Paul, MN 55121, 800/380-7282.

Seed needs

Cargill's ten new corn hybrids range in maturity from 90 to 119 days. According to the company, 6350LL is a LibertyLink powerhouse and has excellent emergence and vigor for no-till or minimum-till. Contact Cargill Hybrid Seeds, Dept. FIN, Box 5645, Minneapolis, MN 55440, 612/742-6212.

New corn hybrids

Gutwein Seeds offers nine new hybrids to its lineup for '99 planting. All are well suited for the central Corn Belt.

Included are five hybrids that are protected by YieldGuard Bt and one Roundup Ready hybrid. Maturity ranges from variety 2236, which has natural tolerance to European corn borer and matures in 100 to 101 days, to number 2633Bt, which is YieldGuard-protected and matures in 114 to 115 days. Contact Fred Gutwein & Sons Inc., Dept. FIN, RR 1, Box 40, Francesville, IN 47946, 800/457-2700.

Winter hardy alfalfa

Cargill is introducing two new alfalfa varieties. FQ314 boasts high yields and winter hardiness. It shows high multiple pest resistance, including high resistance to bacterial and Fusarium wilts and Phytoph- thora. The company's FQ302HR is a complete agronomic package. Contact Cargill Hybrid Seeds, Dept. FIN, Box 5645, Minneapolis, MN 55440, 612/742-6212.

Alfalfa advances

According to Dairyland Seeds, its newest alfalfa variety, Magnum V, provides increased yields and persistence. Magnum V is rated for winter hardiness, insect resistance and disease resistance.

The company backs these claims with a guarantee of yield and persistence. Dairyland encourages growers to request a qualification form to plant Magnum V side by side with any non-Dairyland Seed alfalfa and see the results. Contact Dairyland Seed Co., Dept. FIN, Box 958, West Bend, WI 53095, 800/236-0163.

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