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Control winter weeds

If you live in an area plagued by winter annuals, consider a fall burn down with Valor from Valent USA. A combination of Valor and Roundup applied in the fall provides residual weed control in fields that will be planted the following spring with soybeans, corn, sorghum or wheat. The fall burn down helps growers get into the field earlier in the spring for planting instead of tilling or applying herbicides. Controlling winter weeds also helps the soil warm up quicker and eliminates weeds that harbor soil insects and disease.

Few growers now spend money on a fall burn down. Valent experts report that the increase in no-till and strip-till acres and growing winter weed problem may change growers' habits.

A fall burn-down treatment program for controlling winter annual broadleaf and grass weeds includes 2 to 3 oz. of Valor/acre plus 1 to 2 pts./acre of Roundup. Just one-fourth inch of rain is needed for activation. Flumioxazin is the active ingredient in Valor.

Valor also may be used in a spring burn-down program with Roundup for burn-down control of henbit and chickweeds and residual control of waterhemp, common lambsquarters and black nightshade. It must be used 30 days before planting corn. It also may be used for preemergence and contact activity in soybeans.

Contact Valent USA Corp., Dept. FIN, Box 8025, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, 800/898-2536, or visit or

Cleaner combine grain

Poly Tech now sells the Poly Clean Out Doors for John Deere combine grain elevators. The slick poly doors do not allow buildup of mud and debris at the bottom of the elevator, allowing paddles to move more freely. As a result, combine maintenance costs are cut. According to the company, the poly doors outwear steel doors.

Price: $80/door, plus shipping and handling. Contact Poly Tech Industries, Dept. FIN, Drawer 349, Monticello, GA 31064, 800/542-7659, or visit or

Less spraying time

Increase your spraying efficiency with a 2,400-gal. trailer sprayer from Redball. The new model 670 high-clearance sprayer is equipped with two 1,200-gal. tanks mounted side by side and a new 120-ft. boom. The company estimates growers can spray 120 acres/hr. at an 8-mph speed. Walking-tandem axles improve flotation in the field. The two tanks are plumbed together but with separate sump valves so that they may be used separately. The boom is front-folding with a 20-ft. center section. Other standard boom widths are available from 80 to 100 ft. A 100-gal. rinse tank will handle clean-out of the dual tanks. Price: $45,000.

Another addition of the Redball line of sprayers is a trailer model for the budget-conscious grower. The model 665 sprayer is equipped with either a 45- or 60-ft. hydraulic X-series boom and a 750- or 1,000-gal. tank. Standard features include a 55-gal. rinse tank, an educator and foam markets with 15-gal. tank. Suggested retail price: $20,000. Contact Redball, Dept. FIN, Box 159, Benson, MN 56215, 877/332-2551, or visit or

Checking compaction

Measure the compaction of your soil with the new SC-900 Soil Compaction Meter from Spectrum Technologies. The company's latest meter provides instantaneous, research-grade data on soil conditions. It measures compaction in pounds per square inch (psi) in 1-in. increments with a range of 0 to 18 in. and up to 1,000 psi.

The meter includes an ultrasonic depth sensor, integrated data logger with GPS compatibility and user-friendly interface. Price: $1,295. Contact Spectrum Technologies, Dept. FIN, 23839 W. Andrew Rd., Plainfield, IL 60544, 800/248-8873, or visit or

New hybrids

The independent seed company NC+ Hybrids is unveiling 35 new seed products for the 2003 crop year, including 22 new corn hybrids. Three are new Roundup Ready (RR)/YieldGard corn borer stacked-gene hybrids. The company also is introducing five YieldGard corn borer hybrids and four RR, one Clearfield, and one Liberty Link hybrid. The new lines are rounded out with seven new conventional hybrids and one new white corn hybrid.

Contact NC+ Hybrids, Dept. FIN, 3820 N. 56th St., Lincoln, NE 68504, or visit or

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