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A layer of snow rests in an unharvested corn field Rick Gershon/Getty Images
CORN STILL STANDING: Even as the holidays near, lots of corn is still on the ground in New York, at least according to the final NRCS Crop Progress report.

Lots of corn remains standing in New York as holidays near

Corn and soybeans are complete in Pennsylvania, and in Delaware and Maryland.

There is still lots of corn left to be harvested in New York, according to the final Crop Progress Report of the season.

The Dec. 1 report shows that 70% of corn grain had been harvested in the Empire State. It’s possible that farmers have made a dent in that number, but the amount of corn left isn’t surprising considering how cold and wet spring was.

The report shows 96% of corn silage harvested while 87% of soybeans have been harvested.

"Several days and half days allowed more corn and soy harvest," writes Nathan R. Herendeen, a crops report for the northwest counties of Genesee, Niagara and Orleans. "Soils still very wet. Plenty of soils damaged from harvest this fall."

"Ontario County continues with corn and soybean harvest. Reports of corn not drying down and need to be dried," writes Joann Rogers, a crops reporter and FSA county executive director in Ontario County.

It’s hard to make a year-by-year comparison of crop progress since this is the latest report New York has released in recent memory. But here are comparable late-season reports from past years:

  • Nov. 25, 2018 — 64% corn harvested, 79% soybeans harvested
  • Nov. 26, 2017 — 64% corn harvested, 93% soybeans harvested
  • Nov. 27, 2016 —70% corn harvested, 91% soybeans harvested
  • Nov. 29, 2015 — 92% corn harvested

Corn harvest is 91% complete in Pennsylvania, and soybeans are 97% complete, according to the Dec. 8 report.

"Some late rye still being planted as a cover crop, but otherwise fall harvest and seeding are complete," writes Jeff Graybill, Extension agent and crops reporter in Lancaster County. "Tobacco is being stripped and baled for delivery. Overall the crop is excellent with firm prices for PA type 41 and Connecticut broad-leaf.

"Our first hemp harvest is complete. Indications are the crop has good CBD content, but many farms are sitting on product waiting for the market to develop, or have delivered their dried biomass but are awaiting payments, which are based on quality and markets. Wholesale prices for CBD crude and finished prices has some down significantly from just a few months ago."

The last report for Maryland and Delaware shows 98% of soybeans have been harvested in Maryland and 95% of soybeans have been harvested in Delaware. Grain corn has already wrapped up for the season.

National view

While most crops have been harvested for the season, some states are still way behind.

North Dakota farmers have harvested just 43% of their corn crop. There is still lots of corn left on the ground, too, in Michigan and Wisconsin with 74% of the corn harvest complete in each state.

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