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Crops conditions continue to fall

Soybean and corn conditions fell again from last week.

Anyone thinking that a turnaround in crop conditions was on the way may be wrong. The July 17 crop progress report shows that corn and soybean conditions have been falling for the past couple of weeks.

The latest crop progress report shows 51% of the corn in good condition (1% lower than last week), 13% excellent and 25% in fair condition. Last week, 52% was reported in good condition, 13% excellent and 25% was in fair condition.  In 2016, the corn crop conditions were 57% good condition, 19% excellent and 19% in fair condition.

The soybean crop condition also fell from last week. The crop report shows 51% in good condition (1% lower than last week), 10% excellent and 28% in fair condition.  Last week, the crop progress report showed 52% in good condition, 10% excellent and 27% in fair condition. In 2016, 57% was good, 14% excellent and 22% in fair condition.

Corn silking

Currently, 40% of the crop is in the silking stage, down 7% from the four-year average of 47%. Illinois is leading the Midwest with 63% of the crop in the silking stage (Iowa only has 37% silking, Minnesota 20%). Other top states include North Carolina (93%); Tennessee (90%); Missouri (81%); Kentucky (76%) and Texas (70%).

Soybean blooming

While corn is falling behind, the soybean crop seems to be moving right along in the maturity stages. The 18-state average shows 52% in the blooming stage, but that’s 4% off from a year ago. That’s up 1 point from the four-year average of 51%.

Nebraska is leading the Midwest with 66% in bloom, followed by Illinois (56%), Iowa (54%) and Michigan (53%). Other Midwest states are below average including Indiana (50%); South Dakota (49%); Minnesota (48%); Missouri (44%); Ohio (40%); North Dakota (40%) and Wisconsin (36%).

Soybean pod setting

This week’s report shows 16% of the soybeans planted are now setting pods. That’s up 3% from the four year average of 13%.  In 2016, the report showed 16% was setting pods meaning the 2017 crop has caught up in maturity for this same week as last year. Illinois is leading the Midwest with 17% setting pods and Michigan with 16%.  Some states remain the average. Those include Wisconsin with only 5%; Ohio with 9%; and Minnesota with 10% setting pods.



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