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BUYING INPUTS: Purchasing seed and crop protection products using company discount programs can help farmers improve cash flow.

Program can improve cash flow

TruChoice has options for direct savings on seed and crop protection products.

The 2019 growing season has had many economic variables and tight margins for crop production. The TruChoice offer from Corteva Agriscience provides help to farmers through savings options that fit a variety of operations and financial situations.

The program delivers direct savings on Corteva crop protection products and qualified seed brand purchases. For the 2020 growing season, farmers can participate by using:

Corteva cash. Farmers who buy a qualifying amount of Pioneer brand seed receive Corteva Cash to spend with an authorized retailer on more than 100 crop protection products from Corteva Agriscience.

TruChoice prepay. Regardless of seed brand, farmers who fund a prepay account save 5% on Corteva crop protection products when paid in cash or 3% when financed through the TruChoice offer (minimum purchase of $7,500).

TruChoice financing. Farmers can finance their Pioneer seed and Corteva crop protection product purchases through non-collateralized loans offered at competitive financing rates.

“These offers help farmers improve their cash flow while using a portfolio of proven crop protection and plant health products to make every acre count,” says program manager Brittany Loewen. “With flexible options for both seed and crop protection purchases, TruChoice delivers more choices, simple savings and no waiting for rebates.”

In addition to farmer benefits, the program helps retailers build brand loyalty with customers by offering the full value of savings at time of crop protection purchases. Savings cover the entire suite of input needs from seed to herbicides to nitrogen stabilizers and everything in between, so retailers have flexibility to recommend the appropriate product mix.

“From a retailer’s standpoint, the TruChoice offer is great because you get your savings right away,” says Jeremy Leininger, a retailer at Woolsey Brothers Farm Supply in Vandalia, Ill. “You can save your customers money and use good products, so it’s a win-win for everybody.”

For both the farmer and the retailer, participating in the TruChoice offer is easy; it doesn’t require extra steps, he adds. Farmers can work with their Pioneer sales representative and crop protection retailer to automatically apply savings, and retailers can track customer activity within the program in a streamlined online portal.

With no bundling requirements or waiting until the end of the year for a rebate, this program delivers a simple solution to help address the economic complexity farmers will likely continue to face in 2020.

For information on products and participation details, visit

New digital tool measures growth

Premier Crop Systems at has launched its new Data Visualization platform, a part of its three-tier technology strategy. This new platform helps growers make informed decisions based on economics, seed, crop protection, fertility, operations and management.

The platform is focused on grower dashboards and group benchmarking showcasing a yield efficiency score for growers’ operations. “Data visualization is a key to helping growers understand their yield efficiency as their measure of success using a yield efficiency score,” says Darren Fehr, director of marketing.

A yield efficiency score by Premier Crop, similar to a FICO credit score, is a single number derived from multiple factors. Its purpose is to determine a grower’s return on investment on a per acre basis but from a spatial perspective.

Yield Efficiency is rapidly becoming the most important metric to measure grower success to enhance an operation. “Our ultimate success is the grower’s success. We are looking to improve growers’ operations to maximize efficiency and help them be more profitable on their acres,” says Tony Licht, business development manager in Iowa.

Premier Crop’s data visualization platform and yield efficiency score allows a grower to visually see anonymous group data and grower benchmarking. It provides a benchmark score on how a grower is performing against others, as well as against their own fields. It uses the grower’s actual data in five decision-making categories (economics, seed, crop protection, fertility and operations) to prove efficiency and effectiveness of crop production.

“Group data is powerful over that many acres, allowing us to benchmark with other producers anonymously, which is invaluable information to my operation,” says Brad Hagen, a corn producer who works with Premier Crop’s partner, Central Advantage GS.

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