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New insecticide application tech announcedNew insecticide application tech announced

FMC creates total-system for use of Capture as a soil-applied product with innovative approach that goes 480 acres between fills.

Willie Vogt

November 13, 2014

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<p>This self-contained system from FMC and Emerge Application Solutions could change the way farmers apply in-furrow insecticides. Called 3rive 3D the system requires a special formulation of the insecticide Capture called Capture 3rive 3D.</p>

In-furrow insecticide application has its uses, even with the biotech advancements offered by seed companies, but that same process can be time-consuming. FMC launched a new technology this week that combines its abilities in formulation, a popular active ingredient and an innovative applicator to create what it calls the 3rive 3D system.

"I'm very excited about it and I don't feel silly saying it," he says. Hancock is the corn segment manager for FMC and has been involved with the development of the system.

3rive 3D (3rive is pronounced Thrive) is a new way to use soil-applied insecticide in a way that allows you to basically load once and be in the field for about 480 acres before you have to refill again. "FMC has core competencies in formulation and we try to bring new convenience to products," Hancock says.

There are three key factors of this system that create new innovation for the soil-applied insecticide market.

First, FMC has taken the popular active ingredient in Capture LFR and is introducing a new formulation for 2015 called Capture 3rive 3D to work with the system. The formulation is designed to be put through the innovative applicator.

Second, the company has partnered with Emerge Application Solutions to create a system that mixes the product right on the planter for distribution in the furrow. "The system includes a 130 gallon water tank and a 30 gallon product tank," says Hancock. "There are two pumps, a compressor and plumbing to the rear of the planter to the manifold. The product is mixed to the right concentration on the planter."

Third, the applicator puts the product into the field in a new way, as a foam in the furrow that covers the seed and provides crop protection. "Unlike simple soap bubbles, the 3RIVE 3D foaming formulation is more dense and elastic so it stays where it is applied," Hancock says. "With this system you can treat about 480 acres without stopping. And you don't have to look at a measuring cup all [the user] has to do is fill the tanks, put the lid on, set the controller to make the application and plant.

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Hancock explains that in 2015 the system will have an introductory launch of 60 to 100 units, the aim would be to work with up to 100 growers in the first year.

A video below shows how the system works.

The system does require a separate controller in the tractor cab, but Hancock says there are other developments in the works that may someday allow a user to run the system through an existing monitor in the cab.

Even with advanced biotech traits in corn for control of belowground insects, there's continued interest in soil-applied insecticides. This system will allow that use with greater convenience to the grower. "With granules you think in terms of hauling bags and filling insecticide boxes. The convenience of this system is the up time it offers. You don't have to carry all that water and liquid fertilizer and other material to apply insecticide," Hancock notes.

Cost of the system will be about $1,000 per planter row, Hancock says, though details are still being worked out. The technology was just announced this week and the first units are coming off the assembly line in time for season 2015. If you want more information about the new system, which combines formulation, application technology and active ingredient into a single package, contact FMC.com.

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