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WEED CONTROL: Three new herbicide products to aid corn producers have been introduced by a firm that sells generic brands.

New generic crop protection products available

Atticus brand generic herbicides are now available for corn, offering cost-saving benefits.

Atticus LLC offers three new additions to its portfolio of crop protection products, in time for corn growers who are making input decisions this fall for growing the 2020 crop.

Atticus branded-generic herbicides are available for corn to ensure fields are set up for season-long success in 2020, says Mike Henderson, executive vice president of the company’s central U.S. crops division.

The company’s website at has a comparison chart showing how its branded-generic products stack up to more expensive versions. It describes the three newly introduced products:

StreliuS II. This herbicide uses S-metolachlor to fight competition from a broad spectrum of early-season grasses and many broadleaf weeds. With the long-lasting residual control, flexible-use patterns and application timing of StreliuS II, corn is protected from weed pressure all season long.

Cavallo4 SC. The herbicide uses mesotrione to deliver contact and residual control of tough broadleaf weeds, including velvet leaf, cocklebur, pigweed, sunflower and nightshade. The herbicide is readily taken up by leaves, shoots or roots, and offers a flexible pre- or postemergence application window. The highly selective HPPD inhibitor mode of action controls resistant weeds to ensure maximum yield potential.

Inflame 280 SL. The herbicide with glufosinate is ideal for rapid burndown control. For over-the-top applications in glufosinate-tolerant corn, Inflame offers quick and consistent control of some of the most challenging broadleaf and grass weeds. It has flexible application rates and a unique mode of action, making it an excellent tool in rotational programs.

Atticus corn portfolio chart

Stigmata, a product in Atticus’ existing corn portfolio, is a herbicide that complements the new brands by using clopyralid for in-soil application to control giant and common ragweed, common cocklebur, jimsonweed, and other broadleaf weeds that can be damaging to corn crops.

Using generics

Choosing generic products offers an affordable solution to crop protection to defend against the toughest weeds and most resistant diseases. “Atticus offers a broad portfolio of affordable and reliable branded-generic crop protection products to give crops a strong defense from the get-go,” Henderson says.

“As growers endure the uncertainty of future tariff agreements, it is critical to find economical, comprehensive crop protection for corn,” he adds. “Atticus has navigated the supply chain reality of shortages, plant shutdowns, tariffs and more to be able to deliver cost-effective agronomic solutions to retail distribution and to growers to help protect crop yields.”

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