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Hot fungicide active ingredient has new source

Oregon company expands product line to include fungicide that's popular in the Midwest.

A lot of farmers will be hearing about Willowood USA soon. The company has been growing its market with post-patent products for most major crops, and a range of specialty crops. The big news is that recently the company announced the availability of Pyrac 2EC, the first post-patent availability of the fungicide pyraclostrobin, the active ingredient first introduced in Headline fungicide.

"This is an EC formulation," said Joe Middione, chief operating officer, Willowood USA. "This would be the original formulation. It's an emulsifiable concentrate in a solvent base. We don't offer the water-based product."

He explained that the new product will have the active ingredient at the same strength it was available in the market before. He added that the fungicide doesn't "reach back" but will help control disease to maintain plant health in the field.

The product is labeled for use in more than 90 crops against 50 diseases. This is the first post-patent version of pyraclostrobin available in the United States. The product can be applied as a foliar for fast-acting plant protection and to improve overall plant health. In addition, Pyrac 2EC can be applied in-furrow on corn to control soil-borne diseases and improve root vigor.

The product can also be tank-mixed with liquid fertilizer for ease of application, but the company recommends you always test for compatibility with the product you prefer to use.

Willowood continues to expand availability of its products across the country. Middione advised farmers to contact their dealer if they want to use Pyrac 2EC in 2017.

Willowood is a toll manufacturer, which means they import the products and have the formulation put together at a contract facility. Middione noted that often the post-patent product is made right in the same plant as the original product. However, he added that's not true in this case.

As for availability of the new product? "That does depend on use rates, which makes it hard to answer that question," he said. "But we have plenty of product available. We've produced more than we've projected we'll sell in 2017."

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