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Get better postemergence soybean weed control with fewer restrictions

Effective postemergence soybean weed control doesn’t have to be a struggle. Enlist One® plus Liberty® herbicides offer efficacy and flexibility.

May 16, 2024

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Better post soybean weed control on your terms
Submitted by Corteva Agriscience

Farming comes with countless responsibilities. So, it pays to have a flexible soybean postemergence herbicide program. The Enlist® weed control system doesn’t have calendar cutoff dates, meaning you can apply on your schedule and get effective control to tackle your toughest weeds.

What Farmers Have to Say

Illinois farmer Paul Butler used a dicamba-based system for years. However, he wasn’t getting the flexibility or weed control he wanted. So, he switched to Enlist E3® soybeans.

“I have a day job besides farming and … also have a sprayer I share with my neighbor, so we kind of have to balance that,” Butler says. “And just having a bigger [application] window and not having to worry about the drift and the volatilization really took a load off.”

Butler used a postemergence tank mix of Enlist One® and Liberty® herbicides, which can be applied up to the R1 growth stage no matter the calendar date. He says he’s impressed with how well the combination performed against resistant weeds, particularly marestail and waterhemp.

“The Enlist One and Liberty really cleaned it up, and by the end of the year, we had everything clean,” Butler says. “I was very happy.”

In South Dakota, Austin Handel has a similar story. Like Butler, he has to balance soybean farming with other priorities, including taking care of his cow-calf herd.

“With the dicamba system, we just had a lot of struggles. Neighbors would just get mad that you were even spraying it, even if you were doing everything right. It ended up hurting my wife’s garden pretty bad, and it was 100 yards plus away from the field,” Handel says. “We went to [Enlist E3 soybeans] because of the problems we were having. It’s made a world of difference.”

Handel says not only is the Enlist® system flexible and neighbor-friendly but also he’s getting great weed control, even on resistant kochia.

“Any field where we applied Enlist One herbicide plus Liberty herbicide, it stayed clean,” Handel says.

Get Successful Postemergence Soybean Weed Control

It’s essential to follow application best practices to see similar success with Enlist One plus Liberty herbicides, starting with the tank mix:

  • Read all product labels. Read all labels to know when to add products to the tank, agitation requirements and any restrictions.

  • Perform a jar test. A jar test can catch compatibility issues early, saving time and money.

  • Agitate containers before each use. Agitation helps ensure the correct ratio of actives gets into the sprayer.

  • Take your time. Allow time for agitation, time for water conditioning and time between each new product added.

  • Ensure your equipment is clean. Avoid tank contamination and potential crop damage by properly cleaning equipment between applications.

  • Mix in the right order. The right tank-mix order can mean the difference between success and a mess.

And when it’s time to apply your tank mix of Enlist One plus Liberty herbicides, follow these steps for effective, on-target weed control:

1 . Set up your sprayer correctly. Use qualified nozzles and pressure combinations, and adjust for the correct spray rate, spray volume and boom height.

2 . Watch the weather. Remember these dos and don’ts:

  • Do — Avoid low humidity and cloudy conditions to maximize efficacy of Liberty herbicide.

  • Do — Apply when the wind speed is greater than 3 mph, but less than 10 mph.

  • Don’t — Apply when wind is blowing toward susceptible crops.

  • Don’t — Apply during a temperature inversion.

Find all the information you need for postemergence application success in the 2024 Enlist® Product Use Guide. And learn more about how the Enlist system offers effective weed control on your schedule at Enlist.com/FreedomToSpray.


™ ® Enlist, Enlist Duo, Enlist E3, the Enlist Logo and Enlist One are trademarks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliated companies. ® Liberty and the Liberty Logo are registered trademarks of BASF. The transgenic soybean event in Enlist E3® soybeans is jointly developed and owned by Corteva Agriscience and M.S. Technologies L.L.C. Enlist Duo® and Enlist One® herbicides are not registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your area. Enlist Duo and Enlist One herbicides are the only 2,4-D products authorized for use with Enlist® crops. Consult Enlist® herbicide labels for weed species controlled. Always read and follow label directions. ©2024 Corteva.  021116  BR (05/24)  CAAG4GLUF059

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