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The 20 Top Products of 2009

  1. 88 series combines by Case IH

    CASE REDESIGNED its 88 series Axial-Flow combines from the ground up. The new series replaces the Class V 2577 and Class VI 2588 models and adds a new Class 7 model.

    The combines feature higher horsepower, a longer wheelbase, larger grain tanks with in-cab actuated folding grain tank extensions, and a faster unload rate than those of the models they replace.

    Suggested list prices: $265,000 to $315,000. Call Case IH at 877/422-7344, visit or, or circle 101.


  2. Soft Touch corn head by Oxbo International

    OXBO HAS produced headers for seed corn harvesting, which requires pristine grain quality. Now the company sells the Soft Touch header to field corn producers who want similar grain quality. In the new 50 series corn head, six-bladed tapered intermeshing knife rolls cut the ears from the stalks to minimize header loss. Hydraulically adjusted stripper plates remain centered over the knife rolls for straighter stalk pull down, precise ear removal, reduced ear damage, and less trash in the harvester. Price of a 12 row model: $91,555. Call Oxbo at 800/628-6196, visit or, or circle 102.


  3. FlexDraper combine header by MacDon

    COMBINE HEADERS received lots of attention from readers, with the new Flex-Draper model from MacDon getting its share. This new flex header is 45 ft. wide and boasts a greater crop-handling capacity than that of most Class 9 combines. It offers a unique three-section flex frame that, when combined with MacDon's draper technology, creates a balanced floating action on many crops, including soybeans. A close relationship between the knife and reel eliminates plugging, the company says.

    Prices start at $86,378. Call MacDon Inc. at 816/891-7313, visit or, or circle 103.


  4. Two-auger unloading by AGCO

    WHEN WE posted a video about AGCO's redesigned combines on our Web site, thousands of farmers took the time to watch it. This high interest has earned AGCO a FinOvation award for the unique two-auger unloading design on its combines.

    AGCO redesigned the unloading system of its axial combines to incorporate the two-auger design from its transverse Gleaner combine. The new unloading system on its Challenger, Gleaner, and Massey Ferguson lines incorporates a large, 12-in. cross auger that carries the grain to the Direct Flow unloading auger, allowing for an average unloading rate of 4 bu./sec., which AGCO claims is the fastest in the industry. Conventional turret-type unloading systems use three augers to transfer the crop from the grain bin to the wagon.


  5. Vermeer biomass harvester and baler

    VERMEER WINS big for its biomass harvesting equipment. The CCX770 cob harvester is towed behind a combine and collects corncobs for use in ethanol production at the same time grain is being harvested. The Super M-series Cornstalk Special bales the stalks that are left behind on the field. Suggested list price of the Super M Cornstalk Special is $53,655.

    Call Vermeer Corp. at 800/370-3659, visit or, or circle 104.


  6. Challenger MT600C series

    AGCO'S NEW Challenger MT600C series of high-horsepower row-crop tractors incorporates the best features from the company's brands, like the Fendt transmission, Sisu engine, Challenger technology, and Massey Ferguson reliability. Four models range from 205 to 275 PTO hp. Features include AGCO's e3 clean air technology, an all-new TechStar continuously variable transmission, and a Tractor Management Center that puts command of nearly every implement and tractor function at the operator's fingertips. AGCO claims that the tractor cab is 28% larger than the previous models and provides unparalleled visibility. Suggested list prices: $173,924 to $332,306. For more information, visit or, or circle 105.


  7. McCormick CX (T3) series

    MCCORMICK'S REDESIGNED CX (T3) series tractors won a lot of votes last year. The 83- to 102-hp line of medium-duty tractors features a new cab and a clean-burning, high-torque, 4-cyl. Perkins turbo engine.

    Price of the CX 90 model is $55,250. Call McCormick at 866/327-6733, visit or, or circle 106.


  8. LibertyLink soybeans

    THE LIBERTYLINK-RESISTANT trait has been available for several years in corn but the soybean counterpart has taken much longer. Many readers were pleased to see LibertyLink soybeans available for the 2010 crop.

    LibertyLink soybeans are an option for growers to handle weed-resistance problems in soybean crops. Bayer CropScience developed the trait and has made it available to more than 100 different brands of soybeans. LibertyLink soybeans can be treated with Bayer CropScience's Ignite herbicide, a replacement for Liberty.

    For more information, visit or, or circle 107.


  9. Viptera trait by Syngenta Seeds

    A NEW AgriSure trait from Syngenta Seeds called Viptera features a new mode of action for lepidopteran corn pests. The new multi-pest complex trait controls pests such as corn earworm, western bean cutworm, black cutworm, fall armyworm and common stalk borer. The company hopes to receive final regulatory approval in time to use the trait in this year's hybrids.

    Syngenta originally developed the trait that became Viptera for cotton. The company used the name VipCot (for vegetable insecticidal protein) when it was working with Delta and Pine Land Company to put the trait in its cottonseed varieties. That work stopped when Monsanto purchased DP&L. But Syngenta continued to work with the trait in other crops.

    For more information, visit or, or circle 108.


  10. Avicta from Syngenta

    AVICTA IS the first seed-applied nematicide for corn. Nematodes are rarely noted in corn, with only 3% of corn acres treated, according to Syngenta. But practices like minimum till and more corn acres are creating an environment for increased nematode activity. Avicta protects against all major early season nematode species.

    For more information, visit a Syngenta Crop Protection or Seed Care representative, visit or, or circle 109.


  11. Kixor herbicide by BASF

    THE KIXOR herbicide available for this year's crop from BASF is one of the rare herbicides that is truly new, according to Bryan Young of Southern Illinois University. “Kixor has a new active ingredient but the chemical family has been used before,” Young says.

    According to BASF, Kixor provides broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds in corn and soybeans, including glyphosate-resistant weeds. Young suggests using Kixor for residual control in corn (preplant and preapplication) and premixed with grass herbicides. In soybeans, Kixor is sold as a burndown product.

    “It is very active on glyphosate-resistant marestail and is very compatible with glyphosate,” Young adds.

    For more information, visit or, or circle 110.


  12. IntegrisPro/Integris

    AFTER LAST year's wet harvest, growers may be interested in “smart” grain-drying systems like the IntegrisPro from Integris. This automated drying system promises to cut drying costs and save grain condition by precisely monitoring grain quality. The IntegrisPro offers an unlimited number of digital sensors arrayed in a bin to monitor temperature, humidity and pressure. These sensors continuously collect data that are fed to a controller, which operates fans and heaters. Bins can be monitored and controlled from anywhere with Internet access.

    System costs typically run about $0.15/bu. for facilities with a capacity under 100,000 bu. Call Integris USA at 913/653-8350, visit or, or circle 111.


  13. Ford F150 EcoBoost

    FORD ADAPTED its EcoBoost engine technology to a rear-wheel-drive F150 pickup. The company reports that the EcoBoost engine delivers 25% better fuel economy and 15% less emissions through a more efficient engine design. Plus, the new F150 boasts more torque. Expect to see the EcoBoost Ford pickups at dealerships later this year. For more information, contact your local Ford dealer.


  14. Honda Big Red utility vehicle

    HONDA WAS one of the last ATV companies to produce a utility vehicle. The industry knew the UV would be special when it appeared, and Honda didn't disappoint. Seven years in development, the Big Red UV is well engineered for safety, convenience and operator comfort. Many automotive features like the balanced, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes are included to make it extra comfortable and safe. Big Red features a 675cc engine with three-speed automatic transmission. It reaches 40 mph, will tow 1,500 lbs. and will handle 500 lbs. in the bed where a pallet comfortably fits.

    Price: $11,699. For more information, visit or, or circle 112.


  15. Soil Warrior by Environmental Tillage Systems

    TIRED OF cobbling together tillage and fertilizer units for one-pass work in the fall and spring, Minnesota farmer Mark Bauer designed his own tillage/fertilizer unit. Today his machine, called the Soil Warrior, and his company, Environmental Tillage Systems, have developed a big following among crop farmers.

    The Soil Warrior tills in a 10-in.-wide zone that is 8 to 12 in. deep for the fall and only 2 to 6 in. deep for spring. It is built to Bauer's farmer specifications for durability, ease of use, and one-pass tillage and fertilizing.

    The price for an 8-row Soil Warrior is about $115,000. Bauer and ETS are developing other products like a Seed Warrior for planting. Call Environmental Tillage Systems at 507/332-2231, visit or, or circle 113.


  16. New Holland BB90000 series large square balers

    NEW HOLLAND drew in the votes for its BB9000 series large square balers, which have a bale density that is 5% better than New Holland's previous series of large square balers. Modifications include larger bale density cylinders; a new door balancer; a longer, lower bale chamber floor; and improved top-fill of the bale. Updated density software provides smoother feeding of flakes and better density control.

    Suggested list prices: 3 × 3, $91,000; 3 × 4, $136,000. For more information, visit your New Holland dealer, visit or, or circle 114.


  17. John Deere DB120 planter

    THE CROWDS surrounding the DB120 planter at the National Farm Machinery Show told the story. Farmers were amazed by John Deere's newest and largest planter.

    The new DB120 John Deere/Bauer Built planter has the capacity to plant 90 to 100 acres/hr., or two sections of land in a long day. The 48-row, 30-in.-row planter has 30% more productive capacity than Deere's DB90. The front-fold, five-section flex-frame planter is offered with 125 bu. of seed capacity, SeedStar 2 monitoring and variable-rate seed drives, pneumatic down force, and Row Command as standard equipment.

    Suggested list price: $345,000. For more information, contact your local John Deere dealer, visit or, or circle 115.


  18. AutoTrac RowSense by John Deere

    JOHN DEERE'S AutoTrac RowSense corn-head-based steering system addresses the reality that tractor guidance data generated at planting, and reused at harvest, do not account for planter drift. Curved steel feelers mounted on opposing snouts automatically adjust the GPS-based AutoTrac system to follow the row.

    Suggested list price of RowSense hardware and software is $5,995 for growers with SF1 signals and $2,995 for growers using more accurate SF2 signals. Visit your local John Deere dealer for more information.


  19. Miller Condor G-series sprayers

    AN ALL-NEW line of Miller Condor G-series sprayers with mechanical drive includes the G40 and G75 models. The new machines feature a new styling that matches that of the 4000 series Nitro sprayers and a new hood design that is easy to open. Also new is the ability to add the Spray-Air boom with widths up to 103 ft. to the G40 sprayer and a dual-fan configuration on booms up to 120 ft. wide on the G75 sprayer.

    Retail prices start at $189,655. Call Miller-St. Nazianz Inc. at 920/773-2121, visit or, or circle 116.


  20. Trimble FmX display

    BEFORE TRIMBLE unveiled its new FmX display, online farm chat rooms were sprinkled with speculation about it. Precision farming advocates expected it to be a “smart” display, and they were right. The FmX puts intelligence and control into one package for the tractor cab. It is packed with features — from tractor steering and implement guidance to four camera inputs and radios for RTK applications. The 12.1-in., color touch screen also is attractive and easy to use. Trimble now has other new products that all interface with it. The base price for the FmX is $5,999. For more information, call 800/874-6253, visit or, or circle 117.


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