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Scout Corn Fields for These 5 Weeds

With more weeds becoming glyphosate-resistant or surviving glyphosate-only applications, corn growers continue to rely on residual herbicides to manage tough weeds and protect their yield. "We need to maximize the number of sites of action,” says Travis Legleiter, weed program science specialist at Purdue University. “We don’t have a lot of sites of action left to us, so we need to maximize what we do have available and rotate them as much as we can. Avoid applying any site of action more than two times in a growing season. By applying a site of action more than two times in a growing season, we’re putting pressure on those weeds to become resistant to it.”

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This corn and soybean herbicide chart describes mode of action in greater detail, by herbicide class. By eliminating weed pressure early, growers can protect corn during critical stages of development as well as optimizing yield potential. Watch for these five high-anxiety weeds that could threaten your corn yields this season.

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