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Texas Cotton Districts
Texas Cotton Districts

Texas cotton acreage off 13 percent from last year

Some Texas districts cut acreage more than 20 percent. Total estimated acreage is 5.7 million  

Texas cotton farmers are planting 13 percent fewer acres this year than they did in 2012, according to the latest Texas Cotton Acreage report from USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Every region except “other districts” reduced acreage, some by more than 25 percent, according to the June NASS figures.

Biggest hit was District 8 N (South Central) with a 26 percent drop from last year. Acreage is estimated at 60,000, down from 81,200 last year and 113,300 in 2011. District 9 is down 23 percent at 140,000 acres, off from 180,700 last year and 248,700 the year before. District 8 S (Coastal Bend) is down 13 percent from 2012, at 240,000 acres. That’s off from 275,000 last year and 360,700 the year before.

In the Plains area, District 2 N is down to 83 percent of last year’s acreage at 400,000 acres. That’s off from 484,000 last year and 531,000 in 2011. District 1 S (Southern High Plains) will plant 90 percent of last year’s total, or 2,840,000 acres, down from 3,154,000 last year and 3,324,000 in 2011.

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The Northern High Plains, District 1N, is at 84 percent of last year’s acreage, 860,000 acres. Last year acreage was 1,025,000, which was off from 2011 acreage of 1,248,000. District 2 S, is 85 percent of last year’s acreage. Farmers are planting 595,000 acres, down from 701,100 last year and off from 806,000 the year before.

District 4 plants 86 percent of last year’s acreage, 120,000 acres, compared to 139,900 and 213,500 the last two years. District 7 cotton farmers planted 323,800 acres in 2011, 248,300 last year and 205,000 this year, a 17 percent reduction.

The Lower Rio Grande Valley has 125,000 acres of cotton, 85 percent of last year’s 147,600 and down from 206,700 in 2011.

“Other Districts” will plant 115,000 acres this year, 102 percent of last year’s 112,700 acres but significantly lower than the 174,700 planted in 2011.

Overall, Texas cotton acreage estimate is 5,700,000, down from 6,550,000 last year and off from 7,550,000 in 2011.


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