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New PhytoGen TRiO guards cottonseed investment

New for the 2018 planting season, producers can maximize their cottonseed potential with PhytoGen TRiO seed treatment, the latest innovation from PhytoGen. Featuring industry-leading active ingredients, PhytoGen TRiO protects against early season diseases, insects and nematodes, helping cotton to thrive all season long, reports the company.

“PhytoGen TRiO seed treatment enables us to deliver the best and most advanced seed-applied technologies for our PhytoGen customers,” says Hank King, U.S. leader for PhytoGen. “This unique collection of chemistries will enhance our strong genetic and trait offerings, helping to protect our customers’ cottonseed investment.”

Available on PhytoGen brand varieties, PhytoGen TRiO seed treatment helps cotton thrive. It features:

  • Fungicides Superior fungicide protection against Pythium, fusarium, black root rot and rhizoctonia
  • Insecticides Broad-spectrum insect control of thrips and aphids
  • Nematicide Multiple modes of action against root-knot nematode and reniform nematode

PhytoGen TRiO also contains a biological protein that helps cotton establish a stronger root system for improved plant health, which protects the plant and increases biomass.

PhytoGen TRiO seed treatment is also the new platform the company will use to deliver the most effective combination of seed treatmentsm reports the company. It will be applied during the manufacturing process.

“By streamlining our seed-applied offering, we’re able to ensure it meets our high standards for PhytoGen cottonseed. We will also service and support TRiO just like anything else in our portfolio,” King says.

“TRiO complements our PhytoGen Breeding Traits platform and has the ability to provide the enhanced early season protection growers need to safeguard their seed investment. This combined protection is truly phenomenal and unique in our industry,” King says.

Source: Phytogen

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