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New cotton varieties for 2022

Updated: A look at the 2022 class of cotton varieties.

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March 4, 2022

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New cottonseed varieties and traits promise growers increased yield potential.Ginger Rowsey

*2022 new cotton varieties has been updated to include the newest releases from ARMOR SEED. 

We’ve rounded up the 2022 class of cotton varieties from commercial cotton seed companies. Each company is releasing one variety for commercial planting this season. All boast strong yields and good fiber quality as they enter an already competitive cotton seed market. 


ARMOR SEED released two cotton varieties for the 2022 season, ARMOR 9512 B3XF and ARMOR 9442 XF. Both varieties are noted for their big seeds, improved vigor/emergence, fiber quality and XtendFlex Technology.  

ARMOR SEED, which was purchased by WinField United in 2016, tests its varieties with local universities and Extension researchers, but also in 5-acre plots (per variety) on farms across the area.

"ARMOR SEED like other cotton seed companies, is always looking for varieties that fit certain acres or areas as well as different farming practices," said Tim Cooper, WinField United sales enablement specialist lead.

The cotton harvested from the test plots is ginned by the producer's gin and the Texas Tech University Fiber Lab to compare results. Over the years, Cooper said on-farm variety plots have been planted in Brownfield, Farwell, Sudan, Muleshoe, Olton, Plainview, Abernathy, Littlefield, Memphis, Perryton, Dalhart and many other places within ARMOR'S local growing area.

A key feature of ARMOR 9512 B3XF is strong seedling vigor. This variety has a medium-large seed for strong emergence. It's also Bacterial Blight resistant and includes an above-average resistance to Verticillium Wilt. ARMOR 9512 B3XF boasts of outstanding fiber quality with a 35 staple, 4.2 mic, and 31 strength.

ARMOR 9442 XF is known for its fiber length and strength and XtendFlex technology. It too, has medium-large seeds with an above-average tolerance to Verticillium Wilt but is susceptible to Bacterial Blight. AMOR 9442 XF produces premium fiber length and strength, which can be advantageous in stressful dryland conditions.

In 2021, ARMOR released ARMOR 9371 B3XF, credited for high yield and consistent performance. It's an early-maturing variety with excellent seed vigor and a medium seed size. It's 75% Bacterial Blight resistant with a Verticillium Wilt rating above average. It also boasts of a high lint turnout with great fiber quality, a 36 staple, 4.5 mic, and 30 strength.


Americot continues to expand the NexGen line of Bollgard 3 XtendFlex varieties for 2022 with NG 3299 B3XF. This variety continues to provide growers an additional high quality, high-yielding option with an excellent fiber package. 

NG 3299 B3XF is described as a great fit anywhere early-medium maturing varieties are preferred. Loaded with Bollgard 3 XtendFlex Technology, this variety offers excellent heat tolerance and easy management. NG 3299 B3XF boasts very good storm tolerance and high turnout. It was tested in 2021 as AMX 20B037 B3XF.  

NexGen varieties are bred specifically around the growing needs of the various Cotton Belt regions. In addition to the large portfolio of proven varieties, the cotton breeding program and research and development team are constantly working to improve the performance level and quality of NexGen varieties this year and for years to come. 


BASF is adding one new Stoneville cotton seed variety for the 2022 season. 

ST 4595 B3XF is an early-mid maturity variety widely adapted across the Cotton Belt with strong yield potential and a good fiber package.  

“One BASF experimental variety stood out all season long across all of our field trials and, at season’s end, its yield results were outstanding,” said Steve Nichols, BASF Agronomic Services Cotton. “As a result, the Stoneville cottonseed brand just got stronger with the introduction of ST 4595 B3XF.” 

The BASF Cotton Agronomic Services Team works closely with growers, consultants, and university/Extension specialists to broadly test experimental varieties – including more than 170 on-farm Agronomic Performance Trials conducted on cotton farms across the Belt to evaluate yield performance, agronomic characteristics, geographic adaptation, and best management practices in real world conditions. 

“It takes a strong performer in our robust testing program to meet the criteria for variety advancement,” said Nichols. “ST 4595B3XF consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver, and now provides growers across the Cotton Belt a new choice in variety selection in the Stoneville brand.” 


The new Deltapine variety that will be available for commercial planting in 2022 is DP 2239 B3XF. It is described as a mid-maturity Bollgard 3 XtendFlex cotton variety with outstanding fiber quality potential. Tested as a pre-commercial candidate as 20R741B3XF. 

“DP 2239 B3XF allows for a broad fit with consistent performance across varying growing conditions, very similar to the performance of DP 1646 B2XF,” said Keylon Gholston, retired Deltapine cotton products manager. 

Deltapine considers DP 2211 B3TXF variety as part of its 2022 class, but for the 2022 growing season, DP 2211 (which contains ThryvOn Technology) will only be available for planting through the Deltapine Stewarded Ground Breakers Field Trials.  


For the 2022 season PhytoGen is releasing one new variety, PHY 411 W3FE. U.S. Cotton Portfolio Manager, Joel Faircloth, said PHY 411 W3FE increasingly showed exponential yield increases in on-farm trials across the Cotton Belt. 

“With this variety it is all about yield,” Faircloth said. “PHY 411 surpassed our high yield standards for yield, in addition to good fiber quality and early season vigor.” 

Faircloth said PHY 411 W3FE has a very broad area of adaptation and performs well throughout the Upland-growing regions. It carries the PhytoGen Breeding Traits for bacterial blight resistance, and both root-knot-nematode and reniform nematode resistance. PHY W3FE varieties also provide growers with flexible weed control options with tolerances to Enlist herbicides, glufosinate and glyphosate. 

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