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As cotton pickers slowly maneuver down cotton rows this fall, the minds of growers are focused on bringing in the lint.Growers are already thinking about cropping opportunities for next year.Cotton seed companies have many options available for those who want to include cotton in their 2013 crop mix.This cotton variety information was provided by cotton seed companies.

November 9, 2012

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<p> Arizona cotton growers - from left - Pat and Dan Pacheco; and Tom, Tommy, and Blake Glover.</p>

Cotton seed companies have announced the Upland varieties available for 2013 commercial production in Arizona.

Monsanto’s Deltapine brand

DP 1044 B2RF is the most widely planted Deltapine variety in Arizona this year and will be available again in 2013.

“DP 1044 B2RF has a very strong record as a widely-adapted variety with great heat tolerance,” said Dave Albers, Monsanto’s Deltapine product development manager for cotton germplasm, during the company’s Arizona field day held this fall.

DP 1044 B2RF is a mid-to-full maturity variety with good seedling vigor combined with good yield and fiber quality.

The DP 0935 B2RF variety has early season vigor similar to DP 1044 B2RF. DP 0935 B2RF is a mid maturity, easy-to-manage variety with a smooth leaf. The nectariless feature makes the plant less attractive to insects.

The DP 1219 B2RF variety offers mid-maturity with good yield and fiber potential, plus heat tolerance.

DP 1044 B2RF, DP 0935 B2RF, and DP 1219 B2RF are graduates of Monsanto’s Arizona breeding program.

“Varieties which come out of the Arizona program have good heat tolerance which is important to growers, especially with high heat stress levels tied to the summer monsoon rainy season,” Albers said. “The heat-tolerant benefit allows varieties to shed less.”

A good supply of DP 1219 B2RF will be available next year.

Under limited availability are the varieties DP 0949 B2RF and DP 164 B2RF.

More information is available at

Bayer CropScience’s Stoneville, FiberMax brands

ST 4498 B2RF is Bayer Crop Sciences’ cotton variety standard for Arizona under the Stoneville line, said Bayer Crop Sciences (BCS) senior regional agronomist Kenny Melton during the company’s cotton field day in October.

ST 4498 B2RF is an early-to-mid-season variety with good early season vigor plus good yield potential and fiber quality characteristics. The variety will be on the market for the next one to two years.

Another Stoneville cotton with good performance in Arizona is ST 5458 B2RF. The variety is easy to manage with good growth characteristics and yield. The variety’s root knot nematode tolerance is another reason for its success.

On BCS’ FiberMax side, FM 1944 GLB2 entered the commercial market this year. FM 1944 GLB2 is an early-to-mid-maturity variety and is out of the same background as the previous variety FM 1740 B2F. FM 1944 GLB2 delivers an additional staple length and improved strength compared to FM 1740 B2F.

Melton says FM 1944 GLB2 field tests in the Yuma area have shown strong results.

The FM 2484 B2F variety offers good yield, fiber quality, and yield. The easy to manage variety delivers moderate growth and matures in late-planted, high-moisture conditions.

For more information, go online to

Dow AgroScience’s PhytoGen brand

PHY 499 WRF offers mid maturity, tall with a great frame, exceptional yield potential, and high lint turnout variety, says Dow AgroSciences senior sales rep John Reding. The variety provides exceptional germination and early push which makes it a good fit for early-to-mid-season planting.

PHY 499WRF has the ability to produce a lot of cotton in the mid-to-late season, which makes it more forgiving than most.

PHY 375 WRF is an early to mid maturity variety which is average in height, high yielding, and very consistent. The original parentage was bred in Arizona. This variety is easy to grow and adapts well. PHY 375 WRF fits well in shorter season growing areas or mid-to-later plantings in longer season growing areas.

PHY 367 WRF is a good variety for eastern Arizona. It has shown consistent high yields in Graham and Cochise counties. It is early maturity, medium height, bushy, and fairly determinate. The variety has good tolerance to the root knot nematode.

PHY 565 WRF is a full season, tall, very showy cotton variety. The best fit is in central and western Arizona with its longer growing season. The variety has high yield potential and excellent fiber quality.

Information on PhytoGen seeds is available at

In summary, a good supply of seed from these companies is expected for the 2013 cotton year.

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