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U.S. Grains Council releases 2017 corn quality report

DarcyMaulsby/ThinkstockPhotos Corn flowing into grate.
TESTING CORN: Corn processors are aware of mycotoxin concerns from the 2016 corn crop. Ethanol plants have stepped up their mycotoxin testing and are letting their corn suppliers know the maximum level they will accept.
Average test weight was higher than the five-year average.

The 2017 corn crop flourished with an excellent growing season, according to the latest corn quality report from the U.S. Grains Council. 

“The Council’s mission is one of developing markets, enabling trade and improving lives, and as part of this mission, the Council is pleased to offer this report as a service to our partners,” wrote Deb Keller, USGC chairman and farmer from Iowa, in the report’s greetings. “We hope this report continues in its role of providing accurate and timely insight into the quality of the 2017 U.S. corn crop.”

Highlights from the report: 

  • The majority of 2017 corn crop conditions were rated as good or excellent during the growing season, leading to strong plant health, good kernel size and a projected record yield of 370.3 million metric tons (14.58 billion bushels), the second-largest crop on record.
  • 95.1% of U.S. corn samples tested rated at U.S. grade No. 2 or better, largely the result of the extended planting period; a warm, wet vegetative period; a cool, dry and prolonged grain-filling period; and a warm, wet and slow harvest.
  • Average test weight of 58.4 pounds per bushel (75.2 kilograms per hectoliter) was higher than the five-year average and indicates good kernel filling and maturation. Average 100-kernel weight of 36.07 grams was higher than the previous two years, signifying larger kernels than in previous years.
  • About 98% of samples tested below the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) action level for aflatoxins (20 parts per billion). One-hundred percent of the samples tested below the FDA advisory level for vomitoxins for chicken, cattle, hogs and other animals. 

How many years has the U.S. Grains Council prepared the report?

The 2017/2018 Corn Harvest Quality Report is the seventh in the Council’s annual corn quality survey. 

Read the full report here and look for more information on the rollout events in 2018.

Source: U.S. Grains Council

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