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Photos: Grain bags lining up for Longino Planting Co.

When storage space runs short at harvest, roll out the grain bags. Farm manager Bernie Wright, Longino Planting Co., Jonestown, Miss., will lay down over 20 30,000-bushel capacity grain bags in 2013 to create extra room for 5,000 acres of Longino corn.

Each bag weighs about 950 pounds before filling and stretches out to 500 feet.

“You can’t put any high-moisture corn in them. The corn has to be 15 percent of below and it can sit out here for three or four months — or at least that’s how long we’ve left corn in bags in the past. I imagine it’ll stay out longer. You can put any type grain in these bags, but we’re only dropping corn in them this year,” says Wright.

When the grain trucks roll in fast and consistent, the bags can be filled in few hours. We’ll probably fill up about 20 bags. There’s no structure inside that can’t be seen; it’s just all plastic — a big bag. We do have a problem with mice, coyotes and coons that try to bite holes in the sides of the plastic. But you just have to watch the bags, and when you get a leak you tape it up.”

The Longino bags are lined up on the level ground of Mill Creek Gin, Clarksdale, Miss. “We had a smaller bagger a couple of years back, but now we’ve got this Loftis and it’s about the biggest they make. We’ve had smooth running so far this year with these bags.”

The 5,000 acres of Longino corn got a weather boost this season. “Our corn crop this year is very good. Personally, I think this cool summer was a big factor and we got several timely rains that really helped the crop along.”


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