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Maupin family steeped in farming and music

Maupin draws parallels between farming and music.

Eric Maupin's great-grandfather qualified for and purchased 100 acres of land through a USDA guaranteed loan program after being displaced by the 1937 flood. "He was the first person to pay back that loan," Maupin says. "He bought the land in the late 1930s and along with my parents, we've added another 500 acres to that block."

After his father retired, the family worked out a succession plan and Maupin bought his parents' share of the farm in 2001. "Dad still loves getting out on the farm. It's in his blood," Maupin says.

Farming is not the only multi-generational tradition in the Maupin family. A love and appreciation for singing and playing music has also been handed down through the years. Maupin grew up around music in church and at home. "My parents would invite friends over to our house who sang and played various instruments," Maupin says. "I was always impressed because they would play one instrument for a while and then switch instruments with someone."

He and his wife, JoAnn, have three daughters who are learning to play piano and his wife is also teaching them to play a mandolin. "Many of my family members play by ear," Maupin says. "My father, grandfather and aunt were all talented, but my father-in-law can play almost any instrument."

Maupin draws parallels between farming and music. "I believe songs have a stronger meaning to someone who plays an instrument," Maupin says. "Farming is that way too. Farmers don't farm exclusively for the money. I know I don't. I left a good paying job to come back and farm.

Whether it is playing a guitar made from a piece of fine wood or bringing in each year's crop, both start from a seed and rely on a person's input to bring it to life," Maupin said.

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