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Corn+Soybean Digest

June 3 Crop Progress: Corn Nearly All Planted, Soybeans Over Half Done

June 3 Crop Progress: Corn Nearly All Planted, Soybeans Over Half Done

Corn growers are seeing the end of corn planting for 2013, and are close to the five-year average as far as completion. As of June 2, 91% of the overall corn crop has been planted, just 4 points behind the five-year average of 95%. Nearly three-quarters of the planted crops has emerged overall, 8 points behind the 82% five-year average.

The first week of crop condition ratings has started out well for corn growers. Of the corn crop that's been planted, 63% of the crop is in good/excellent condition. Seven percent of the overall crop is in very poor/poor condition. The best corn is in Ohio, where 98% of the corn crop has been planted. Of that corn, 80% of it is in good/excellent condition. The corn in poorest condition is in Colorado, where 94% of the crop has been planted. But even at the poorest/poor rating, only 11% of the crop is in that condition.

The overall soybean crop is 57% planted. This is well behind the five-year average of 74%. Soybean growers in Ohio, Nebraska and Louisiana have the most soybeans in the ground at 89%, 81% and 81%, respectively. Soybean farmers in Kentucky have planted only 30% of its overall crop, 21 points behind the five-year average.


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One-third of the overall soybean crop has emerged, 18 points behind the 49% five-year average. Last year at this time, 76% of the soybean crop had emerged. More than 50% of the crop is popping up in Michigan (57%) and Ohio (58%), while a mere 13% has emerged in Kentucky and 15% in Wisconsin.


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