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Corn Yield Contest Winners Reach New Levels

Top yields range from 339 to 248 bushels per acre.

December 15, 2004

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All 27 national winners in the National Corn Growers Association's 2004 (NCGA) National Corn Yield Contest (NCYC) far surpassed the USDA's most recent projections of 160.2 bushels per acre, once again illustrating the outstanding production skills NCGA members demonstrate year after year.

"In fact, all but one of the national winners surpassed 250 bushels per acre," says NCGA President Leon Corzine. "What's even more interesting is these numbers represent 16 states in different parts of the country where there were varying planting, growing and harvesting conditions."

The 27 winners emerged from 3,383 entrants in 44 states. While there is no one overall winner in the NCYC, the resulting top yields of farmers who placed first, second and third nationally in the respective categories ranged from 339.4827 by David Hula in Charles City, Va., to 248.6521 by Stephanie Santini in Stewartsville, N.J.

Another interesting statistic from this year's NCYC is that six of the national winners — or more than 20% — had yields of more than 300 bushels per acre. Several of the other national winning yields neared the 300 mark.

The 506 state Corn Yield Contest winners will be honored at a breakfast, and national winners during an awards banquet, at Commodity Classic, the combined convention and trade show of NCGA and the American Soybean Association, Feb. 24-26, 2005, in Austin, Texas. For a complete list of winners and for more information about NCYC, visit the NCGA Web site.

Following are the 27 national winners by class:

A Non-Irrigated Class

Sam Santini, Jr.
Stewartsville, NJ, NJ
Pioneer, 33H05
272.9342 Yield Per Bushels

Thomas L. Snodgrass
Nebraska City, NE, NE
Pioneer, 33R78
272.1994 Yield Per Acre

Seven Springs Farms
Cadiz, KY, KY
Pioneer, 33M54
270.6317 Yield Per Acre

AA Non-Irrigated

Francis Childs
Manchester, IA, IA
Pioneer, 35Y65
331.9468 Yield Per Acre

Mark Dempsey
Fowler, IL, IL
Garst, 8424
320.2718 Yield Per Acre

Mezera Farms
Bagley, WI, WI
Pioneer, 34N42
296.3143 Yield Per Acre

A No Till/Strip Till Non-Irrigated

David K. Hula
Charles, VA, VA
Pioneer, 33M54
339.4827 Yield Per Acre

Schwenke Bros.
Union, KY, KY
Pioneer, 33M54
291.395 Yield Per Acre

Tim Bishop
Queenstown, MD, MD
Campbell, 7700
286.0336 Yield Per Acre

AA No Till/Strip Till Non-Irrigated

Dale Hadden
Jacksonville, IL, IL
Pioneer, 31N28
280.7451 Yield Per Acre

Sam Williams
Oaktown, IN, IN
Pioneer, 33M54
273.4955 Yield Per Acre

Robert Little
Hebron, IN, IN
Pioneer, 33N09
270.781 Yield Per Acre

No Till/Strip Till Irrigated

Hawman Farms, Inc.
Hermiston, OR, OR
Pioneer, 34N43
295.1148 Yield Per Acre

Don Carpenter
Dimmitt, TX, TX
Pioneer, 33B51
290.2539 Yield Per Acre

Harris Brothers LLC
Pasco, WA, WA
Pioneer, 34N43
289.8806 Yield Per Acre

A Ridge Till Non-Irrigated

Blane Anthony
Talmage, NE, NE
Pioneer, 33R78
287.1413 Yield Per Acre

Chris Santini
Stewartsville, NJ, NJ
Pioneer, 33B51
258.3384 Yield Per Acre

Stephanie Santini
Stewartsville, NJ, NJ
Hubner, H3473RR
248.6521 Yield Per Acre

AA Ridge Till Non-Irrigated

Gary Neal Porter
Mercer, MO, IA
Pioneer, 33P67
279.4667 Yield Per Acre

Wayne Tomhave
Jacksonville, IL, IL
Pioneer, 31N28
263.7133 Yield Per Acre

Jerry Cox
Delta, MO, MO
Pioneer, 33M54
261.9059 Yield Per Acre

Ridge Till Irrigated

Bill Wright
Walsh, CO, CO
Pioneer, 33B51
315.6104 Yield Per Acre

Michael R. Bostic, Jr.
Church Hill, MD, MD
Pioneer, 33B51
283.9417 Yield Per Acre

John Willoughby
Wood River, NE, NE
Pioneer, 33P67
282.0375 Yield Per Acre


E & H Farms
Dixon, CA, CA
Pioneer, 31N27
325.7328 Yield Per Acre

Clarklind Farms
Tulare, CA, CA
Pioneer, 32W86
303.9902 Yield Per Acre

Kevin J. Weilmunster
Parma, ID, ID
Pioneer, 34N43
298.2649 Yield Per Acre

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