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Corn+Soybean Digest

Corn Hybrids For 2003

Sponsored by: Bayer CropScience

BIG Hitter Hybrids Ready For 2003 Season

The major-leaguers in the corn hybrid game offer the following top picks to consider this coming playing season. This list was not intended to be comprehensive; growers should also consider university and company trial data before making a selection.

Hybrids are listed alphabetically by company, grouped into three relative maturity (RM) zones:

  • Early season (75 to 104 days)
  • Mid-season (105 to 112 days)
  • Full season (113 to 120 days)

Most herbicide and insect traits listed are abbreviated. They are: Clearfield (CL), Liberty Link (LL), Roundup Ready (RR), YieldGard (YG).



A6215 — 97-Day RM

  • Available as conventional, YG/Bt & RR hybrid.

  • Excellent yield potential.

  • Very good late-season plant health, stalk strength.

A6305Bt — 103-Day RM

  • Outstanding yield potential.

  • Consistent performance on highly productive soils.

  • Excellent late-season intactness.

A6315 — 103-Day RM

  • Available as conventional & RR hybrid.

  • Outstanding yield for maturity.

  • Consistent performance on highly productive soils.

  • Excellent health & late-season plant intactness.

A6375 — 104-Day RM

  • Available as conventional & RR hybrid.

  • Consistent performance across variable soil types.

  • Excellent late-season stalk & root strength; excellent emergence under cool, wet conditions.


RX499 YG — 102-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; high yield potential.

  • Very good emergence & seedling growth.

  • Looks good throughout season.

  • Excellent staygreen & late-season harvest appearance.


5012 — 104-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid; girthy ear.

  • Very dependable, especially in muck soils.

  • Fast emergence & early vigor.

  • Best adaptation zones: northern IN, OH, IL, southern MI.

5099RR — 104-Day RM

  • RR hybrid; similar to 5012.

  • Big yields at high populations & in muck soils of northern IN.

  • NK603 RR event; needs channeling into domestic markets.

  • Best adaptation zones: northern IN, OH, IL, southern MI.

5125CB — 104-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; excellent emergence.

  • Fast drydown.

  • Performs in diverse soil types.

  • Best adaptation zones: northern IN, OH, IL, southern MI.


196RR/Bt — 80-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid.

  • Exceptional emergence, early season growth.

  • High yield potential; consistent ear size at high populations.

  • Unusually loose husk for rapid grain drydown.

294RR/Bt — 90-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid.

  • Exceptional yield potential.

  • Large flex-ear type adapted to low-population sandy soils.

  • High digestibility for corn silage.

344RR/Bt — 93-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid; high yield.

  • Improved late-season stalks versus similar genetics.

  • Exceptional roots resist lodging.

  • Also available in YG only & conventional versions.

354Bt — 95-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; excellent stalks, roots.

  • Exceptional yields at this maturity.

  • Excellent grain quality, test weight.

  • Performs well in dry conditions.


6925 RB — 92-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid; uses 603 RR event.

  • Well-adapted to 90- to 100-day zones East & West.

  • High yielding for its maturity.

  • Excellent plant integrity, standability, drought & stress tolerance.

1703 B — 95-Day RM

  • Similar background to 1702.

  • Well-adapted to 90- to 100-day zones East & West.

  • Excellent top-end yield across environments.

  • Excellent drought & stress tolerance.

7128 RB — 102-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid; uses 603 RR event.

  • Well-adapted East-West to 100- to 105-day zones.

  • Medium to medium-short height; medium-placed ears.

  • Excellent for continuous corn or rotated ground.

2148 B — 102-Day RM

  • Similar background to 2145.

  • Widely adapted to 100- to 110-day zones.

  • Excellent for high-yield, non-drought environments.

  • Prefers fertile, loamy soils rotated with beans.


DKC42-95 — 92-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid; high yield potential.

  • Excellent emergence, seedling vigor, stalks & roots.

  • Early flowering; very good test weight.

DKC47-10 — 97-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid.

  • Excellent roots & stalks.

  • Very good emergence.

  • Very good grain quality, test weight & drydown.

DKC50-18 (YGCB) — 100-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; consistent performance.

  • Wide adaption.

  • Excellent root & stalk strength.

  • Very good greensnap tolerance & defensive traits.

DKC51-43 — 101-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid.

  • Excellent emergence & roots.

  • Very good seedling growth & stalk strength; consistent performance.

  • Widely adapted.


AgriPro 8888 — 95-Day RM

  • Top-end yield; stability across range of environments.

  • Widely adapted; good grain quality.

  • Solid agronomics; excellent performance north & south of zone.

8802RR — 95-Day RM

  • Outstanding yield potential.

  • Widely adapted; outstanding emergence & early vigor.

  • RR hybrid; moves south of zone.

8812YG1/RR — 97-Day RM

  • YG/RR hybrid; top-end yield; widely adapted.

  • Outstanding emergence, early vigor.

  • Medium-high to high plant populations for top performance.

8811YG1 — 97-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; excellent performance.

  • Widely adapted.

  • Outstanding emergence, early vigor.

  • Medium-high to high plant populations for top performance.


H-6775Bt — 93-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Medium tall; excellent test weight.

  • Good late-season health.

H-7700Bt — 97-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Maintains ear height over rough terrain for easy harvesting.

  • Fills ears to tip; high test weight.

H-8223Bt — 104-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Medium height; impressive staygreen; excellent standability.

  • Versatile, with solid performance.

  • Good resistance to Northern leaf diseases; very good grain quality.


3941 — 89-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid; excellent yield for its maturity.

  • Great choice for early silage.

  • Excellent performance in different soils & tillages.

  • YG/Bt version: 3941Bt (92-day RM).

4623Bt — 96-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Uniform ear size; good husk coverage; excellent yield, grain quality.

  • Good choice for grain or silage.

  • Excellent emergence.

5377 — 103-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid.

  • Superior stress tolerance & emergence; fast drydown.

  • Excellent yield, good Southern movement for maturity.

  • Good natural tolerance to European corn borer.

5300Bt — 103-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; superior yield, disease tolerance.

  • Super staygreen & plant intactness.

  • Very good standability.

  • Makes high-tonnage silage.


LG2402BT — 89-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Excellent yields; rapid drydown.

  • Great stress tolerance.

  • Wide adaptability across soil types & tillage systems.

LG2454 — 97-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid.

  • Medium-low ear placement.

  • East to West adaptation.

  • Consistent performance across soil types & tillage systems.

LG2503RR — 101-Day RM

  • RR hybrid; high yield potential across all environments.

  • Excellent staygreen & late-season intactness.

  • Well-developed, girthy ears.

LG2518 — 102-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid; excellent yield potential.

  • Girthy ears with medium flex.

  • Superb staygreen & fall intactness.

  • Full-season in short-season areas.


2K117 — 81-Day RM

  • Herculex I hybrid.

  • 1877's yield.

  • Good fall drydown; excellent quality; high test weight.

  • Strong stalks, roots allow for pushing plant populations.

2A230 — 87-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid; competitive yields within its maturity.

  • Strong agronomic package.

  • Flowers later than products of similar maturity.

  • Good stalk & root strength; excellent ear retention; dries fast.

2E390 — 95-Day RM

  • Herculex I hybrid; strong emergence; early vigor.

  • Best attributes of 2395.

  • Superior quality, high test weight.

  • Very good drought tolerance under tough growing conditions.

2T486 — 100-Day RM

  • Herculex I hybrid.

  • 2525's strengths.

  • Excellent emergence & early vigor.

  • Very good drought-stress tolerance; fast fall drydown.


1502R — 98-Day RM

  • RR hybrid; produced 6% higher yields than 1490R in company trials.

  • Improved ear type, more girth.

  • Adapts well to variable soil types.

  • Dual-purpose silage or grain hybrid.

NC+ 1912B — 99-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; impressive gains in yield, drydown compared to 2399B.

  • Unique genetic background.

  • Tall with very good root strength, standability.

  • High test weight.

NC+ 2162 — 100-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid.

  • Excellent yields, quick drydown.

  • Uniform ear style adapts well to higher plant populations.

  • Option for growers in “early corn planted early” areas.

2922R — 104-Day RM

  • RR hybrid; high yields, test weight.

  • Excellent emergence & early growth.

  • Ideal for no-till or early planting.

  • Adapted to a wide range of soil types, including high-pH soils.


39B01 — 77-Day RM

  • Good stability across yield levels.

  • Good drydown; impressive yield.

  • Good early growth, drought tolerance.

  • Good resistance to head smut, common rust; some resistance to Northern leaf blight.

39H84 — 81-Day RM

  • Consistent yields; above-average stalk strength.

  • Good drought tolerance.

  • Above-average resistance to anthracnose stalk rot, head smut, common rust; moderate resistance to Gib-berella ear rot, Northern leaf blight.

38A23 — 97-Day RM

  • YG/CL hybrid; exceptional yield.

  • Strong drought tolerance; good overall stability.

  • Good early growth, above-average staygreen; good ear retention.

  • Above-average test weight.

36N71 — 102-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; exceptional yield.

  • Short plant stature, good stalks, very good late-season plant health.

  • Above-average resistance to anthracnose stalk rot.

  • Strong against drought.


N23-C1 — 88-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid.

  • Very good yield potential.

  • Good stalk strength, plant health.

  • Well-adapted for early maturity zones.

N33-V5 — 95-Day RM

  • YG/LL hybrid.

  • Excellent yield potential.

  • Very good root strength.

  • Strong early season vigor, emergence.

N43-M9 — 101-Day RM

  • YG/LL hybrid; good yield potential.

  • Very good agronomic package; wide adaptation.

  • Very good emergence, seedling vigor.

N47-W1 — 104-Day RM

  • LL, widely adapted hybrid.

  • Consistent across environments.

  • Excellent companion to Bt/LL for insect resistance management.


W1981 — 100-Day RM

  • Tolerance to in-crop applications of Roundup Ultra.

  • Stable, high-yield performance even in dry conditions.

  • Early vigor for Northern areas.

  • Excellent yield-to-moisture ratio.

W2710 — 102-Day RM

  • Impressive yield for maturity.

  • Fast early canopy development.

  • Tall plant with excellent roots.

  • Exceptional yield-to-moisture ratio.

W3810 — 104-Day RM

  • High-yielding, high test-weight anchor hybrid.

  • Copes well with stress situations.

  • Excellent health & standability.

W3812 — 104-Day RM

  • CL hybrid.

  • Base: W3810.

  • Copes well with stress situations.

  • Excellent health, standability.



A6395RR — 106-Day RM

  • Available as a conventional, YG/Bt or RR hybrid.

  • Excellent yield for maturity.

  • Excellent late-season plant intactness even as it moves South.

  • Adapted to wide variety of soil, management types.

A6417 — 107-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid.

  • Excellent emergence, early plant vigor.

  • Excellent grain quality, accepted as food-grade product.

  • Excellent late-season intactness.

A6395Bt — 108-Day RM

  • Excellent yield for maturity.

  • Excellent late-season intactness even as it moves South.

  • Adapted to a wide variety of soil, management types.

  • Works well in wide or narrow rows at higher plant populations.

A6445Bt — 110-Day RM

  • Available as conventional, YG/Bt, RR or Bt/RR hybrid.

  • Excellent yield.

  • Excellent adaptability to wide variety of soil types.


RX664 — 107-Day RM

  • Residue-Proven hybrid.

  • High yields in reduced tillage.

  • Excellent stalk strength; very good roots & disease package.

  • Consistent performance over a wide range of growing conditions.

RX664 RR/YG — 107-Day RM

  • RR/YG, Residue-Proven hybrid.

  • Cost-effective program for unsurpassed weed control.

  • Season-long corn borer protection.

RX718 RR/YG — 110-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid.

  • Excellent test weight.

  • Very good stalks, staygreen & intactness.

  • Cost-efficient weed, pest control.


5339CBCL — 108-Day RM

  • YG/CL hybrid.

  • Top yields in prairie soils; excellent stalk, root strength.

  • Best adaptation zones: central & northern IN, OH, IL & southern MI.

5366 — 110-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid.

  • Extractable starch for premiums.

  • Higher yield than 5166 with similar health characteristics.

  • Best adaptation zones: central & northern IN, OH, IL & southern MI.

5483Bt 1 — 110-Day RM

  • YG/LL hybrid; widely adapted.

  • Great emergence, early vigor.

  • Excellent flex ear potential.

  • Best adaptation zones: southern MI, northern, central & southern IN, OH, IL & northern KY.

5727CB — 111-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; superior test weight.

  • Excellent gray leaf spot tolerance.

  • Defensive, with high yields.

  • Best adaptation zones: central & southern IN, OH, IL & KY.


541Bt — 105-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Excellent yield potential for cool & hot growing seasons.

  • Fixed ear type, needs population with good fertility.

  • Prefers high-organic-matter soils.

516RR/Bt — 105-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid.

  • Great stalk quality & plant staygreen.

  • Diverse genetics; exceptional yields.

  • Moves North well on black, well-drained, high-organic-matter soils.

631RR — 110-Day RM

  • RR hybrid; medium tall.

  • Top-end yield ability with exceptional heat tolerance.

  • Requires aggressive fertility rates to maximize yield.

  • Available in a conventional version.

691BtLL — 112-Day RM

  • YG/LL hybrid.

  • Great late-season intactness.

  • Flex ear type; adapts to a large range of densities, soil types.

  • Great root strength & stalk quality.


7624 RB — 108-Day RM

  • Similar background to 438 B.

  • RR/YG hybrid; uses 603 RR event.

  • Excellent East-West adaptation in 105- to 115-day zones.

  • Tall plant with medium to medium-high ear placement.

4602 B — 109-Day RM

  • Excellent East-West adaptation in 105- to 110-day zones.

  • Medium short; excellent plant integrity.

  • Girthy, moderately determinate ears.

  • Performs best at higher populations.

4833 B — 110-Day RM

  • Excellent East-West adaptation in 105- to 115-day zones.

  • Medium plant & ear height.

  • Consistent high yields; excellent standability; moderately flexible ears.

  • Good test weight.

7704 R — 110-Day RM

  • Similar background to 7705 R; uses 603 RR event.

  • Best in Western environment & on loamy soils.

  • Very high yield potential.

  • For high-yielding, high-management environment.


DKC60-09 — 100-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid.

  • Excellent emergence & seedling growth.

  • Very good grain quality & test weight.

  • Widely adapted in central & eastern Corn Belt.

DKC58-24 — 108-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid; high test weight.

  • Excellent emergence & seedling growth.

  • Very good stalk strength & greensnap tolerance.

DKC59-08 — 109-Day RM

  • Residue-Proven hybrid.

  • Wide adaption with consistent performance.

  • Very good foliar disease package.

  • Excellent grain quality; high yields in reduced-tillage systems.

DKC62-15 — 112-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid; excellent seedling growth.

  • Very good emergence.

  • Good ear flex for adaptation to a broad range of plant populations.

  • Very good foliar disease package.


8578IT — 107-Day RM

  • CL hybrid.

  • Top-end yield on highly managed or irrigated acres.

  • Excellent full-season hybrid north of zone.

  • Tall plant; good agronomics.

8523IT — 108-Day RM

  • CL hybrid.

  • Excellent emergence & vigor for no-till & early planting.

  • Good grain quality, heavy test weight, excellent late-season health.

  • Determinate ear; high populations give optimum performance.

8467RR — 111-Day RM

  • RR hybrid; broadly adapted.

  • Good gray leaf spot tolerance.

  • Medium tall; moderate ear flex offers plant population flexibility.

8487YG1/RR — 112-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid; medium tall.

  • Moderate ear flex offers plant population flexibility.

  • Broadly adapted; good gray leaf spot tolerance.

  • Good overall agronomics.


H-8554 Bt — 106-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Good disease tolerance.

  • Excels in high-pH problem fields.

H-8777CL — 111-Day RM

  • CL hybrid.

  • Solid combination of yield & agronomic traits.

H-9247Bt — 111- to 113-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Medium tall; excellent fall health.

  • Good resistance to leaf diseases.

  • Extremely high test weight with food-grade qualities.

H-9238RR — 112-Day RM

  • RR hybrid.

  • Excellent test weight, grain quality.

  • Widely adapted to many soil types.

  • Strong disease tolerance.


5875CL — 108-Day RM

  • CL hybrid; excellent stalks & roots.

  • Great late-season eye appeal; very good emergence.

  • Good natural tolerance to European corn borer.

Quad-5Bt — 108-Day RM

  • YG hybrid version of conventional 5555 (Quad 5); RR version (5685RR).

  • Late-season plant intactness.

  • Excellent ear flex.

  • Responds to late nitrogen.

5961 — 109-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid; top-end yield.

  • Responds very well to moderate to high populations & late nitrogen applications.

  • Natural tolerance to corn borer.

  • YG/Bt version: 5961Bt.

6148RR — 111-Day RM

  • RR version of 6192.

  • Very high yield potential.

  • Tall plant; high tonnage for silage & solid harvest standability.

  • Very good ear flex for moderate or high populations.


LG2533CL — 105-Day RM

  • CL hybrid; good fall intactness.

  • Large girthy ears; exceptional yields at low & medium populations.

  • Excellent root & stalk strength.

  • Good seedling vigor for early planting & reduced tillage.

LG2540RR — 108-Day RM

  • RR hybrid; fast drydown.

  • Medium tall with dark green color.

  • Flex ear adapts well to low & medium planting populations.

  • Good seedling vigor for early planting, reduced tillage.

LG2569CL — 109-Day RM

  • CL hybrid; fast early season growth; early canopy development.

  • Medium-sized, fixed ear.

  • Strong gray leaf spot tolerance; superb late-season health.

  • Medium height; large, girthy ears.

LG2540BT — 110-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; medium tall.

  • Fast drydown.

  • Flex ear adapts to low & medium planting populations.

  • Adaptability across all soil types & tillage systems.


2E633 — 107-Day RM

  • Herculex I hybrid; best of 2657.

  • Very good fall staygreen; strong standability.

  • Excellent drought-stress tolerance.

  • Outstanding yields when planted North as a full-season.

2K690 — 110-Day RM

  • Conventional, moderately tall hybrid.

  • Excellent drought-stress tolerance, fall staygreen, ear retention.

  • Very good grain quality.

  • Strong companion to 2722IMI, with improved ear flex.

2R728 — 112-Day RM

  • Herculex I hybrid.

  • Excellent plant health, standability.

  • Fixed ear; requires high plant densities to maximize yield.

  • Very responsive to high fertility & narrow rows.


NC+ 3672 — 107-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid; well-adapted to eastern Corn Belt.

  • Excellent staygreen, fall plant health.

  • Slender ear type with deep kernels requires higher plant populations.

  • Dual-purpose silage or grain hybrid.

NC+ 3722RB — 107-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid; ideal for high-heat Southern environments.

  • Highly rated as silage hybrid.

  • Long, flexible ears produce at moderate populations in irrigated & non-irrigated situations.

  • Excellent for “early corn planted early” in 110-day & later zones.

NC+ 4822 — 112-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid; high yield.

  • Draws from genetic backgrounds of 4771, 5169 & 5411.

  • Excellent emergence, early growth for no-till & early planting.

  • Improved gray leaf spot tolerance, staygreen & fall health versus 4880.

NC+ 4992RB — 112-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid; excellent yield.

  • Cold tolerance & early tasseling for 108- to 110-day maturity zones.

  • Medium populations for top yields.

  • Better-than-average tolerance to high-pH soils.


34B98 — 109-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; outstanding yield.

  • Stable performance across environments; strong drought tolerance.

  • Suitable for high-yield irrigated or dryland conditions.

  • Good drydown; very good test weight, yellow food corn quality.

34H31 — 109-Day RM

  • Impressive yield potential; excellent drought tolerance.

  • Good early growth; good drydown; very good test weight.

  • Favorable disease-resistance package.

  • Moderate plant height, above-average roots & stalks.

34N44 — 110-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; exceptional yield.

  • Very good drought tolerance; good early growth, root strength.

  • Short stature.

  • Moderate resistance to corn earworm; good resistance to fall armyworm.

34N43 — 110-Day RM

  • Moderate to high yield.

  • Good roots; average stalks.

  • Good early growth; strong drought tolerance; widely adapted.

  • Good Southern leaf blight resistance.


N51-Z7 — 106-Day RM

  • YG/LL hybrid.

  • High yield potential.

  • Excellent plant health.

  • Best adapted for the east-central & eastern Corn Belt.

N60-B6 — 109-Day RM

  • YG/LL hybrid.

  • Very good yield potential.

  • Excellent agronomic package.

  • Best in medium- to fine-textured soils.

N65-M7 — 110-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid.

  • Widely adapted, East to West.

  • Fast early growth; top drought tolerance.

  • Very high yield potential.

N68-P1 — 111-Day RM

  • CL hybrid.

  • High yielder.

  • Adapted for Western Corn Belt.


W3813 — 105-Day RM

  • High-yielding, YG hybrid.

  • Base: W3810.

  • Copes well with stress situations.

  • Excellent health & standability.

W5547 — 105-Day RM

  • YG/RR hybrid. Base W5540.

  • Stable yield performance.

  • Strong across environments.

  • Excellent harvestability.

W7273 — 111-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; tall, robust plant.

  • Consistent, top-end yields.

  • Excellent package of yield & solid agronomics.

W7563 — 112-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Reliable, high-yield performance.

  • Superb gray leaf spot tolerance.

  • High test weight.



A6610 — 115-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid.

  • Outstanding yield potential.

  • Very fast drydown.

  • Adapted to lower plant populations because of outstanding ear flex.


RX772 — 113-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid; excellent emergence for early planting.

  • Consistent yield.

  • Very good root strength & resistance to gray leaf spot, Southern leaf blight.

  • Excellent stalk strength.


6464CL — 113-Day RM

  • CL hybrid; performance in all soils.

  • Excellent flex ear potential.

  • Excellent plant health.

  • Best adaptation zones: southern IN, OH, IL & northern KY.

6499CBRR — 113-Day RM

  • YG/RR hybrid; excellent flex ear.

  • Excellent trait hybrid for South.

  • Excellent heat & stress tolerance; NK603 RR transgenic event.

  • Best adaptation zones: southern IN, IL, OH & northern KY.

6827 — 114-Day RM

  • Conventional food-grade hybrid; excellent grain quality.

  • Qualifies for Identity Preserved Grain Quality lists.

  • Good root strength.

  • Best adaptation zones: central & southern IN, OH, IL & northern KY.

6918W — 114-Day RM

  • Conventional white corn hybrid.

  • Excellent test weight, grain quality.

  • Better standability than 5912W.

  • Best adaptation zones: central & southern IN, OH, IL & northern KY.


671RR/Bt — 113-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid.

  • Solid plant health, staygreen & intactness.

  • Southern-style genetics with improved emergence, early season growth.

  • Moves East & South well.

705 — 113-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid.

  • Excellent heat, drought tolerance.

  • Exceptional disease package.

  • Flex-ear type; adapts to wide range of plant densities, soil types.

822RR — 118-Day RM

  • RR hybrid; available in CL version.

  • Exceptional stalk quality, disease resistance.

  • Performs well in hot, humid areas.

  • Performs well for grain or silage.


8065 RB — 112-Day RM

  • Similar background to 5165 B.

  • RR/YG hybrid; uses 603 RR event.

  • Strong East-West adaptation in 110- to 115-day zones.

  • Medium to medium tall; medium ear placement.

5202 B — 113-Day RM

  • Best adapted to Western environments in 110- to 120-day zones.

  • Large, girthy ears; high yields.

  • Very responsive to high-yield environments, management inputs.

  • Shows some lack of tolerance to anthracnose.

5258 — 114-Day RM

  • Similar to 6121.

  • Large, girthy ear; high yield.

  • Manage roots carefully.

  • Excellent grain quality.

5328 — 114-Day RM

  • Very healthy, fixed-ear type.

  • Excellent standability; drought tolerance.

  • Handles wide variety of environments.

  • Treat as a full-season 5060 that can move South.


DKC64-11 — 114-Day RM

  • RR/YG/Residue-Proven hybrid.

  • High yields in reduced-tillage.

  • Consistent performance in tough environments.

DKC67-60 — 117-Day RM

  • RR hybrid.

  • Southern virus complex tolerance.

  • Excellent stalk & root strength.

  • Excellent grain quality, test weight.

DKC69-71 — 119-Day RM

  • RR/YG hybrid.

  • Very good disease package for South.

  • Excellent yield for maturity.

DKC69-72 — 119-Day RM

  • RR hybrid; excellent emergence.

  • Very good disease package for South.

  • Good top-end yield.

  • Very good seedling growth.


8383YG1 — 114-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Excels in high-yielding, irrigated areas, especially in South & West.

  • High tolerance to heat stress.

  • Good emergence; excellent early vigor & performance at moderate & high plant populations.

8348 — 115-Day RM

  • Medium- to full-season yields, especially in Central, Eastern areas.

  • Good plant health; wide adaptability for Southern & Eastern areas.

  • Excellent ear flex.

8350YG1 — 116-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Good plant health, wide adaptability for Southern & Eastern areas.

  • Excellent ear flex allows plant population flexibility.

  • Tall with good stalk quality.

8255RR — 117-Day RM

  • RR hybrid; widely adapted.

  • High yield across environments.

  • Good late-season plant health & staygreen.

  • Large girthy ear; good test weight.


H-9231 — 113-Day RM

  • Tall, high-yielding hybrid.

  • Good late-season health provides height & ear flex needed on stress soils.

H-9364 — 113- to 115-Day RM

  • Medium tall; high yield potential.

  • Very good test weight.

  • Strong emergence with excellent seedling vigor.

  • Performs best in corn-soybean rotation.

H-9445 — 115-Day RM

  • High yield potential.

  • Very good early vigor when planted in cold soils.

  • Very good late-season plant health.

H-9667 — 116-Day RM

  • Big leafy hybrid.

  • Good emergence.

  • Fast growth.

  • Disease tolerance.


6252CL — 112-Day RM

  • CL hybrid; very consistent yields in tough conditions; solid standability.

  • Drought, heat stress tolerance.

  • Natural tolerance to corn borer.

  • High rating for extractable starch.

6344 — 113-Day RM

  • High extractable starch; high yields on light or prairie soils.

  • Very good ear flex for excellent performance at moderate populations.

  • Great late-season health & intactness; great for silage.

  • YG/Bt version: 6344Bt.

6350BtRR — 113-Day RM

  • YG/Roundup Ultra resistance; yield potential of 6301Bt.

  • Great plant intactness & late-season staygreen.

  • Super choice for grain or silage.

  • Excellent for no-till & corn-on-corn.

6396RR — 113-Day RM

  • RR version of 6259; high yield.

  • Excellent test weight, grain quality.

  • Good ear flex, works best at moderate populations.

  • Excellent drought & heat tolerance.


LG2617BT — 113-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; good canopy development; good vigor for early planting.

  • Good fall intactness.

  • High yields over many soil types & tillage systems.

LG2631CL — 113-Day RM

  • CL hybrid; excellent vigor & plant health for early planting.

  • Fast drydown; outstanding yields under irrigation.

  • Medium tall with moderately low ear placement; moderately girthy ears

LG2622 — 114-Day RM

  • Conventional hybrid; superior plant health for performance in South.

  • High yield trial performance.

  • Very good response to stress.

  • Broad adaptation across Corn Belt.


2G768 — 114-Day RM

  • Herculex I hybrid; competitive yields; many of 2784 traits.

  • Moderately tall with excellent standability, staygreen, ear retention, late-season intactness.

  • Very good drought-stress tolerance.

2A791 — 115-Day RM

  • Conventional version of 2833.

  • Top-end yield potential; excellent yield stability.

  • Medium tall; girthy, semi-flex ears.

  • Also available as CL hybrid 2A775.

2K785 — 115-Day RM

  • Herculex I hybrid.

  • Best attributes of 2799.

  • Moderately tall; strong stalks & roots.

  • Excellent drought-stress tolerance; wide adaptation.

2A812 — 116-Day RM

  • Herculex hybrid; yield performance of 2833.

  • High yields; drought-stress tolerance.

  • Excellent yield stability across environments, management practices.

  • Medium tall, with girthy ears.


5202B — 113-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; yields like 5411.

  • Draws on genetic backgrounds of 5411, 4990B.

  • Improved gray leaf spot tolerance over 4880 products.

  • Excellent option for silage producers.

5172B — 113-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; excellent yield.

  • Highest gray leaf spot tolerance of any 5-series NC+ corn hybrid.

  • Works in many stressful situations.

  • Medium to high plant populations for top yields.

NC+ 6362B — 117-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; excellent gray leaf spot tolerance.

  • Top tolerance to drought stress.

  • Strong roots; excellent staygreen.

  • Excellent adaptation to early planting & high-residue fields.

6962R — 118-Day RM

  • RR hybrid; improved version of 6960R with higher yield potential.

  • Excellent heat/drought tolerance for southern Corn Belt.

  • Excellent native corn borer tolerance; highly flexible ear.


32D12 — 114-Day RM

  • High yield potential; gray leaf spot resistance.

  • Adaptable, moderately tall; good early growth, root strength.

  • Reliable drought tolerance; average stalk strength; very good staygreen.

  • Above-average grain drydown.

33D31 — 115-Day RM

  • Short structure; strong stalks; outstanding late-season plant health.

  • Good roots; above-average drought tolerance.

  • Strong performance in moderate- to high-yield environments.

  • Good test weight; fast drydown.

31N27 — 117-Day RM

  • Top-end yield.

  • Moderate plant stature, above-average roots, strong stalks.

  • Performance stability across yield levels; good drought tolerance.

  • Very good drydown, test weight.

32D99 — 118-Day RM

  • Excellent yield; good early growth.

  • Very good drought tolerance & staygreen; above-average stalks.

  • Below average for mid-season, brittle-stalk resistance.

  • Performs well against head smut.


N68-K7 — 112-Day RM

  • YG/LL hybrid.

  • High yield potential.

  • Well adapted for central & western Corn Belt.

  • Good stalk strength, flex ear, drought tolerance.

N70-A2 — 113-Day RM

  • CL hybrid; consistent yields.

  • Excellent test weight; flex ear.

  • Moderate gray leaf spot resistance.

  • Adapted primarily for eastern Corn Belt.


W8653 — 114-Day RM

  • YG hybrid.

  • Impressive, stable yield performance.

  • Superior gray leaf spot tolerance.

  • Ideal for continuous corn.

W8542 — 114-Day RM

  • CL hybrid, base: W8540.

  • Stable, high-yielding hybrid.

  • Very good stalk quality.

  • Excellent plant health, staygreen.

W8543 — 115-Day RM

  • YG hybrid; base: W8540.

  • High performance, stable.

  • Excellent plant health & staygreen.

  • Doesn't bow to dry conditions.

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