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For continued trade: Monsanto submits RR soybean data to China

Monsanto Company recently submitted its regulatory data on Roundup Ready soybeans to the Chinese government to enable continuing trade of these widely grown soybeans. The soybean submission is the first under China's new biotechnology regulations.

“We're committed to making regulatory submissions in key markets to support our customers and their ability to sell their crops,” said Jerry Hjelle, vice president of regulatory affairs.

China recently promulgated new regulations requiring safety certificates for import of crops improved through biotechnology. Agricultural biotechnology companies, such as Monsanto, must submit information on food, feed and environmental safety for review. The same data has been reviewed by other regulatory agencies around the world before approving the products.

“Insuring access to key markets for our customers is very important to us and we wanted to be sure we are taking the necessary steps to comply with the new regulations,” Hjelle said. “Monsanto will continue to work cooperatively with the grain traders and other national governments.”

Monsanto has provided information on its biotech products at to assist grain traders in completing their own documentation for imports into China.

In addition to the submission for Roundup Ready soybeans, Monsanto also planned to submit data for its other commercial biotech crops to China's Ministry of Agriculture by March 20. These include YieldGard Corn Borer corn, Roundup Ready corn, Roundup Ready canola, Bollgard cotton and Roundup Ready cotton, Hjelle said.

Roundup Ready crops allow growers to use Roundup agricultural herbicides, which contribute to an environmentally sound weed control system. YieldGard Corn Borer corn and Bollgard cotton protect themselves for certain insect pests without chemical insecticides.

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