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Consultant: Clearfield 151 best I've ever walked through

At the recent Clearfield field day in Hickory Ridge, Ark., Jason McGee, a crop consultant working Arkansas' Cross and Poinsett counties, spoke about his experiences with CL151. Among his comments:

There's “probably 550 acres of CL151 I look at on a weekly basis. We didn't get to plant as early as we wanted to. Most rice didn't go in until mid-April. Normally, I plant the last week of March.

“On one farm, we planted Francis first. About nine days later, we planted the CL151. It'll be (a variety) I believe will fit us pretty well.

“We drained both the Francis and CL151 yesterday. The 151 caught the Francis and it'll be a coin toss as to which will be harvested first. I think CL151 will probably be one of the earliest high-yielding varieties I've seen in a long time.

“We could probably harvest 18 percent moisture rice on Aug. 20. That's early — we'll probably get 10 days of cutting with that variety that we haven't been able to get with any of the (other) varieties out now.

“CL151 looks really good. This farm has quite a bit of sheath blight and it's tolerated (the disease) very well. I used a 19-ounce Stratego application on the fields. It tolerated sheath blight about as well as the Francis.

“To be honest, I think (CL151) is the best Clearfield rice I've ever walked through. I think it'll yield substantially better than the CL161 and CL171.”

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