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Iowa Agribusiness Environmental Partnership formed

Founding members of the Iowa Agribusiness Environmental Partnership
STEWARDSHIP COMMITMENT: Founding members of the Iowa Agribusiness Environmental Partnership were recognized during the Agribusiness Association of Iowa annual meeting Feb. 13.
New initiative recognizes Agribusiness Association of Iowa members for collective stewardship efforts.

Founding members of the Iowa Agribusiness Environmental Partnership were recognized during the Agribusiness Association of Iowa Annual Meeting in mid-February in Des Moines.

The partnership recognizes the environmental values Iowa agribusinesses share in supporting agriculture and food production, and highlights the high standards of environmental service provided through crop consulting and product use in agriculture.

West Central Distribution has joined the Iowa Agribusiness Environmental Partnership (IAEP) as a founding member.

“As West Central expands its business within the state, we are committed to helping the agriculture industry locally and across the country continue its efforts with environmental stewardship,” said Gary Peter, sales manager for West Central. “The IAEP is one way we are helping ag retailers in Iowa provide agronomic advice to growers that will further the state’s progress with the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and other environmental efforts.”

Assisting farmers in advancing stewardship
IAEP is a program that provides growers and their community a clear understanding of the agribusiness sector’s shared environmental values and commitments, he says. It also provides leadership to assist farmers and landowners in advancing environmental stewardship and progress toward meeting environmental goals.

As an IAEP supporting member, West Central has signed a commitment that they agree with the guiding principles of the partnership and support the use of the guiding principles within the ag sector. The guidelines have been carefully developed and incorporate the latest science in managing crop nutrients for optimal environmental performance while maintaining crop production.

Supports voluntary NRS
“Our members continue to innovate and provide new technology and products for agricultural customers,” said Joel Brinkmeyer, Agribusiness Association of Iowa CEO. “The IAEP reinforces the commitment our members make every day to protecting and growing Iowa communities.”

The Iowa Agribusiness Environmental Partnership was developed by the Agribusiness Association of Iowa Agronomy Committee. It clearly identifies the environmental guidelines agronomic advisers use when making recommendations to crop producers, says Brinkmeyer. The IAEP supports the voluntary framework of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and allows Iowa agribusinesses to join together, with one voice to show their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Source: Agribusiness Association of Iowa

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