Exploring the environment as a business opportunity

The Around Farm Progress Podcast shares insight on a topic that's getting greater attention in agriculture: the ability to store carbon

Increasing talk about extreme weather, and a growing interest in the role of carbon in the atmosphere may open the door to a new income stream. Corporate commitments being made to become "carbon neutral" will require companies to acquire carbon offsets. Agriculture could be a carbon sink providing those credits.

Mike Wilson, editor of Farm Futures, has found that this is a very complicated topic, one that can't be written in one story. So far, he's written six. It started with Will farmers get paid to save the planet? And he's expanded from there. We wanted to know more so we asked him to discuss the issue on this episode of the podcast.

One tactic that could be part of what farms do to boost carbon storage in the soil is to use cover crops. There are concerns that they're an added cost, but the latest National Cover Crop Survey shows some different results. We dig into the survey with Fran O'Leary, editor, Wisconsin Agriculturist.

Give this one a listen, because the carbon-on-the-farm discussion is really just beginning.

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Industrial interest in cutting the carbon footprint may be an opportunity for farmers. For some it may involve simply adding cover crops to the mix.

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