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Communication department

"[One of the Internet's most valuable roles may be] leveling the playing field for small producers, allowing them to use Internet markets to maximize their price." Albert Kagan, Ph.D., professor at Arizona State University-East's Morrison School of Agribusiness & Resource Management - iBizMagazine

Agclick The robot will check the Internet for a category you specify, such as insurance, office supplies, software, computers or investments, and will return with a list of sites that you can then shop for the best price.

Are you wired? Now you can easily share two PCs with one color printer by using Intelogis's PassPort Plug-In Network. All it takes is a 110v power outlet and you have network connections.

To set up, plug the PassPort Plug-In into the nearest electrical outlet and the other end into the back of your computer; there's no need to open up your computer, walls or ceiling. The plug has a built-in firewall to protect against hackers coming in through an ISDN or cable modem. The PassPort Network Starter Kit ($200) comes complete with two PC adapters, two parallel cables, one printer adapter, software and documentation. Additional PC and printer adapters are $80 and $60, respectively. Contact Intelogis Inc., Dept. FIN, 12257 S. Business Park Dr., Suite 108, Draper, UT 84020, 888/571-4005.

GPS trade out Get $600 to $650 credit on a brand-new Mid-Tech DGPS receiver (list price range: $2,150 to $4,400) when you trade in your old DGPS receiver that still works, during Mid-Tech's trade-in program.

"We will take any model receiver despite its condition," says Marty Wagner with Mid-Tech, "just as long as we get the complete system, including all components and cables." Choose from the company's RX100 (with Beacon differential service) or RX200 (with satellite service) receivers. The program ends April 30, 2000. Contact Mid-Tech, Dept. FIN, 2733 E. Ash St., Springfield, IL 62703, 800/643-8324.

Robots, spiders and worms: a quick guide to Internet jargon Applet: program on your browser that powers the fancier features, from animations to calculators Bandwidth: measures the amount of information that can be transmitted over a connection. The lower the bandwidth, the slower the downloading of material. Bookmark: a direct link to a site you visit frequently that you save on your browser Browser: program, such as Netscape Navigator, that allows you to interact with the World Wide Web Cache: high-speed memory that your computer sets aside to store frequently accessed data Cookie: the programming code from a Web site you visit that is stored on your computer. Each time you visit the site the cookie is sent back to the site to remind it of your preferences. Cyberspace: a general term for the Internet and anything online Download: to bring a file from an online site and save it onto a disk or your own computer Home page: a site's main or central page HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language - programming language for most Web pages Hyperlink: link to another site. It transports you to another page when you click on it. ISP: Internet Service Provider, such as AOL and Earthlink. It charges monthly fees for providing access. JAVA: programming language used to create applets Message board: a place where you can post, read and respond to messages from other users Plug-in: add-on program that enhances capabilities of your Web browser, such as RealPlayer or Shockwave Robot: generic word for a program that travels the Web and automatically retrieves referenced documents you are searching for. Also called "bot," "spider," "Web crawler," and "worm." Search engine: a program that searches databases of HTML documents gathered by a robot Server: computer that controls a network of computers or powers a Web site URL: Universal Resource Locator - the Internet address you type into your browser window. Also called "domain name." Virus: a program hidden in a file or e-mail that infects your computer by altering or deleting files (which is a robot) and Forbes marketing force

Marketing force "I personally believe that e-marketing will become a major force . . . both in farmer purchasing of supplies and marketing farm products." - Joseph N. Uhl, professor of agricultural economics at Purdue University - iBizMagazine

For green loyalists Voyageur Press is touting The Big Book of John Deere Tractors as the ultimate encyclopedia of John Deere tractors from around the world; paging through it proves the company right.

Photos show off restored tractors, unique paintings and artwork from Deere's archives, studio photos of toys and models and rare original brochures from the tractor's beginning in 1892 to the present. The text is written by well-known antique tractor author Don Macmillan; photos are by photographers Randy Leffingwell and Andrew Morland. Price: $40 plus postage. Contact Voyageur Press, Dept. FIN, Box 338, Stillwater, MN 55082, 800/888-9653

Wire connectors Safely connect electrical wires with King Safety Sealed twist-on connectors. As wires are twisted into the connectors, they are coated with silicone sealant. This helps to lubricate the splice and draw the wires deep into the connector. They come in dry and damp, waterproof, and underground. Contact King Safety Products, Dept. FIN, 3801 Lloyd King Dr., St. Charles, MO 63304, 800/623-0232.

7 e-tail tips Just as e-mail means electronic mail, e-tail means retail, as in merchandise for purchase on the Web. Whether you're a seasoned Web shopper or just a beginner, here are some precautions that can help you make a safe buy:

1. Check the e-tailer's background; avoid any that are small or unfamiliar and those with a weak security system. 2. Never purchase from an e-tailer that doesn't provide a telephone number and address on the site. 3. Never use a bank debit card online. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you can only lose up to $50 with a credit card; a debit card opens access to your checking and savings accounts. 4. Use a single credit card for online purchases and nothing else; unauthorized purchases will be easier to spot. Cancel any transaction that is suspicious. 5. Don't give your credit card number to any business that seeks you out; and do not let an e-tailer that you are doing business with keep your credit card number. 6. If a business asks for financial or personal information, ask yourself if it has a legitimate reason to collect that data. 7. Print a copy of your purchase order and keep it. Michael Riecken, SafeNet Consulting, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Show me the money "Through technological advancement, farmers have become tremendously more efficient. . . .In the process we have not seen farmers become overly wealthy. Their adoption of technologies have enabled them to produce food at a lower cost, which has been passed on to consumers." Paul M. Patterson, Ph.D., professor at Arizona State University-East's Morrison School of Agribusiness & Resource Management - iBizMagazine

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