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Positive ‘signs’ seen in Indiana

Todd Schmicker smiley face on damaged grain bin
GO AHEAD, SMILE! Sometimes all you can do is grin and bear it. This damaged grain bin sporting a smiley face makes Todd Schmicker smile every time he drives by it.
Spotted…in Indiana: Readers help set the stage for the new year on an upbeat note.

As Hoosiers look forward to the new year, both images submitted by readers for this Spotted…in Indiana column should bring a smile to your face. The Hoosiers who spotted these hope they’re signs of positive things to come for Indiana and agriculture in 2022.

Smiley face

The old, damaged grain bin that puts a smile on Todd Schmicker’s face every time he drives by is located along U.S. Route 421 on the north edge of Monon, Ind. Instead of tearing it down, the owners fashioned a smiley face into the bin and left it for all to see.

Many people paint things on grain bins. If you know where one is in your area, it could be a good candidate for Spotted…in Indiana.

Simple message

The message doesn’t get much simpler than “This is a good sign.” It’s so simple that it leaves you wondering what it means, and why someone would put it up. When Marlene Fudge, Rushville, Ind., spotted this sign, she figured it was an attempt to help people feel good and positive about their town.

After she did some digging, it turns out she was right. These signs have appeared in the Rush County town near where a new business or enterprise opens. It’s all about feeling good about growth in the community, she says.

Marlene Fudge"This is a Good Sign" road sign

DOUBLE MEANING? If you live near Rushville, Ind., you may have seen a sign like this. Marlene Fudge believes it is a good sign — just like it says!

Have you seen a painted grain bin or an unusual sign? Share it with everyone. If it is used in the Spotted…in Indiana column, we will send you a gift card. Send a digital picture, horizontal preferred, to Include your mailing address.

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