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The melt is on!

iStock/Getty images filled white plastic bags are stacked on top of each other on the storage floor
It’s starting to feel like spring, and that includes getting tax documents ready.

Maybe the last few weeks provided a little taste of what winter used to be like in the Midwest. We were snow covered and cold for quite a while, but now the melt is on.

I didn’t mind the snow, but I won’t miss it either. (I’m not naïve enough to think we’re done with the snow for this year either.) Temperatures this weekend are supposed to be in the 50’s! From the perspective of groundwater recharge, it is fortunate that the soil isn’t really frozen. The melt is being absorbed into the soil profile. We really need that! We have been dry for quite a while.

It is that time of year when the final flurry comes to provide tax information to the accountants. Most farm operations face a March 1st filing deadline. That being said, I spent more time in the office the last few days than I wanted to. We have several entities that feed into our taxes and it just takes time to work through them and provide accurate information. I was pretty well caught up after doing financials in January, but there are always questions and clarifications that come up at the last minute.

We are also wrapping up the last of our scheduled winter meetings on fertilizer and nutrition this week. After we listen to the last couple of presentations, final decisions will be made in regards to how we plan to attack the crop season and which products we will use. There is an industry-wide shortage of chelates used in micronutrients this year. We are trying to get product locked in and delivery before the shortage gets worse.

Saturday is the last time our daughter’s softball team will be using the pole barn for indoor practice. After that, I will have to transfer seed we’ve squirrelled away in dad’s shop to its rightful place. I told many vendors I couldn’t take delivery until March 1st. Well that date is nearly here. I’m expecting it to be a busy place and to quickly fill up with seed, chemicals, and other crop supplies.

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