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Not everyone depended on local elevators, even in the early days.

December 28, 2020

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unidentified antique farm tool related to livestock
WHAT IS IT? If you can identify what this item was used for, you could be eligible for a gift card. See details below.Tom J. Bechman

Take a good look at the implement pictured here. You likely never used one, but maybe your father or grandfather did. The odds are higher if they had livestock on the farm at one time. In the 1930s, when this tool first appeared, many farms still had one or more species of livestock.

This tool was a step forward because it could work off belt power from a tractor. Tractors were appearing on more farms by the mid-1930s, and many of them came equipped with a belt pulley to power stationary implements.

If you can identify what this item was used for, you could be eligible for a gift card. See details below. And if you know where this item was manufactured, let us know. The company that made this item had Indiana ties.

Hard pull

The mass of green pulleys and cables pictured in this previous article is a stump puller. Thanks to readers who recognized it and took time to let us know.

Historians where the item is displayed indicated that the power source is missing and unknown. Readers shed insight on why it’s missing. It was horsepower — literally! Apparently, one cable was attached to a stump and another to a tree nearby. Horses would pull and wind the cable. Meanwhile, the farmer and whoever he could find to help would dig and chop at roots to free the stump. When bulldozers finally came upon the scene, they rendered these labor-intensive stump pullers obsolete.

From the correct responses, one was pulled at random. Mike Thomas, Evansville, Ins., will receive a gift card.

If you can identify the item pictured in this article, send the answer to [email protected] or P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131; or call 317-431-8766. We’ll award a gift card from correct entries.

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