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Keep your eye out for unique signs

Jeanne Flanders grandpa crossing sign
BEWARE OF SLOW-MOVING GRANDPAS! This sign is posted at the Flanders farmstead near Noblesville, Ind.
Spotted…in Indiana: These photos might make you do a double take.

Certain signs just grab your attention when you’re traveling along Indiana’s roads. If you’re near Noblesville, you might see a yellow sign attached to a post at the entrance to a farmstead. What’s unique about a yellow sign? This one doesn’t say “cattle crossing” or “school bus turnaround ahead.” Instead, it says “grandpa crossing.”

Like most unique signs, there is a story behind this one. “I had two of them custom-made, and we posted them at the north and south entrances to our farm last fall,” Jeanne Flanders says. “I didn’t think they were attracting much attention, and then about a month later, one of them disappeared, never to be seen again!”

Jeanne would love to have her missing sign back. If you have seen it, let us know and we will let her know. If you have it, please return it, no questions asked! Or better yet, just put it back where you found it.

Signs of danger

Diane Stout, Frankfort, captured the photo below at the corner of Indiana 29 and Clinton County Road 700 South, near Frankfort. The “no trucks” sign by itself seems innocent enough, until you notice the huge truck approaching it. Diane put her own caption on the picture: “Signs of danger!”

Diane Stouttruck driving down road

CAN ANYONE READ? Apparently, the driver of the truck didn’t see the mate to this sign at the other end of the road.

There is a story to this picture, too, she says. You don’t see a sign that says “no trucks” on too many roads in Indiana, even on local roads. It turns out that road construction was underway, and trucks were being temporarily rerouted. Apparently, the driver in the photo didn’t like the detour.

If you see an unusual sign or anything else unique, or if you have seen Jeanne’s missing sign, contact us. Include your name and address. If we use your photo, you will receive a gift card. Large-format, horizontal pictures are preferred. Email [email protected] or write to: P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131.

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