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International Travelall was ahead of its time

Jeff Borders 1973 Travelall
FROM ANOTHER TIME: Jeff Borders turns heads with this 1973 Travelall, which he drives to town often.
Truck Treasures: This cool-looking vehicle was an early-day SUV.

If you want to get noticed, drive to town in a classic International Travelall. Jeff Borders, Radcliff, Ky., says his attracts attention whenever he drives it. In fact, he says driving the vehicle has made him a more social person because people want to ask questions about it.

International built these vehicles in the early 1970s. The acronym SUV was decades from being a reality, but the Travelall offered some of the same features, like extra room and a different look than either a car or a pickup truck. It was the same era when International Harvester was more noted for pickup trucks and its Scout vehicle.

Borders found his Travelall on the website of a classic car dealership in Denver. He didn’t like the wheels that came on it, and they weren’t original either. Since obtaining the vehicle, he’s installed 26-inch wheels. He acknowledges that required shaving a little bit off the rear fenders so the wheels would fit. So, while his Travelall may not be 100% original, it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind custom vehicle, which still represents the Travelall legacy well.

This is the second International Travelall to be featured in the Truck Treasures column. Wally Linneweber, Vincennes, Ind., has an original equipment Travelall that made an appearance here a couple of years ago. Linneweber, a Master Farmer, still raises hogs in Knox County.

According to Wikipedia, International Harvester made the Travelall from 1953 through 1975. There were four generations and body styles produced during that time.

If you have a classic truck and would like to share its story, send the information to Indiana Prairie Farmer at [email protected]. Include a digital, large-format, horizontal picture, if possible, so we can share your treasure with other readers.

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