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Guess what antique farm tools are decorating this wall

Tom J. Bechman vintage farm tools hanging on a wall
GOING WAY BACK: Before there were vacuum planters, even before there were planters with finger pickup meters, farmers planted seed corn. Dozens of the devices that made this possible are hanging on this wall.
Forgotten Tool: Do you know what’s pictured in this display?

The response to the Forgotten Tool column has been overwhelming. Many people enjoy history they either experienced as a child or heard their father or grandfather talk about.

OK, here’s one where everyone can play! If you recognize the items mounted in the photo, send us your entry and you will have a chance to win a gift card. See below.

These items are on display at the Hancock County Ag Museum in Britt, Iowa. Some are metal, while others are plastic. There is a rainbow of colors, representing products made by a host of companies — some that have long since faded from the scene.

Popular baler

The John Deere baler featured in Forgotten Tool in the September issue of Indiana Prairie Farmer and online was a 116W, and it used wire. Many people responded, even some who remembered using a baler like it. One person still has one, although it’s not in working order.

If you knew the model number or that it was a wire baler, you got credit. There was a similar model, the John Deere 114 baler, too.

According to historians, the 116W was the company’s first automatic, wire-tie baler. Appearing in 1946, it came either as a PTO model or with a gas engine. The 16-by-18-inch bales came out the side chute, instead of behind the baler. The baler pictured was missing a wagon hitch, which allowed the farmer to pull a wagon so a helper could stack as the pair baled hay.

This month’s winner is David Deer, Bargersville, Ind. If you know what’s mounted on the wall in the photo above, send your entry with your mailing address to [email protected] or P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131.

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