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Buyer's remorse and the extended warranty

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Buying a new automobile has never been my favorite activity.
How a brand new truck becomes a little less shiny.

A few months ago I started looking to purchase a truck. I wanted to take my time and do it right – no rushing, no remorse.

I had been in an SUV for several years and was tired of always having to clean out the cargo space because of hauling stuff that should have been hauled in the back of a truck.

My last truck was huge. It was nice, but far too big for what I needed. It wouldn't even fit in the garage.

I eventually sold it because I just didn't need something so large. I seldom hauled loads larger than a friend's old couch.

Big trucks are just too large for the small spaces of the city. Later we downsized to an even smaller SUV, which was perfect for when we lived downtown.

When we moved back out to the country, I really needed the space that a truck bed and a ball hitch affords.

I was going to be smart about it and try to circumvent the remorse I always have when I take home a new car. I weighed the options and looked for the best deal.

Purchasing a personal automobile is not fun for me. I've purchased a few for work and the process is a breeze when working with a fleet manager who knows not to pressure you for extras like addons or an extended warranty.

I once sat in a sales manager's office with a check for the amount of a personal SUV. I would have left after the second time he asked me if I wanted lifts on the 4x4 had I not special ordered the vehicle.

When he asked me about the extended warranty, I got up and was almost to the door when he caught up to me and acquiesced.

After doing my homework I headed to a dealership. I knew what I wanted.

Our sales lady was very nice. I told her which model I liked - the sport model. We took one for a test drive.

As we drove off the lot, I was pretty sure I was going to buy the one we were in. We drove it on the open road. It was wonderful. I took a side road I knew was rough. It drove like a dream.

We got back to the dealership. She asked how I liked it and I said I'd take it. She didn't ask if I wanted any extras. The credit manager was the one who asked about the warranty. I said no and looked sternly at him, daring him to ask again. He didn't.

The remorse didn't kick in until two weeks after I purchased the truck. I was reading online and noticed a feature on a newly revamped model of an old school favorite SUV from the 70s. Now my brand new truck is a little less shiny.

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