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America’s Pig Farmer of the Year recognizes 2 producers from South DakotaAmerica’s Pig Farmer of the Year recognizes 2 producers from South Dakota

Brad Greenway is the 2016 American Pig Farmer of the Year, and Craig Anderson is one of the four national finalists.

October 17, 2016

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It is pretty cool that two South Dakota farmers were recently honored by the National Pork Board and National Pork Producers Council.

Brad Greenway, Mitchell, was named the 2016 America Pig Farmer of the Year, and Craig Anderson, Centerville, was one of the four finalists for the award.

The America Pig Farmer of the Year Award recognizes a farmer who excels at raising pigs using the We Care Initiative’s ethical principles and who connects with today's consumers about how pork is produced.

Greenway and Anderson excel at both.


I’ve interviewed Greenway a number of times, both about raising pigs and being an ag advocate. Since 2005, he’s made it his mission to talk about pig farming to everyone who will listen. He’s been invited to speak at Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce meetings throughout the state. If there was an anti-farming or anti-animal agriculture debate, he was there. There hasn’t been a question that Greenway wouldn’t answer or a person — no matter how anti-farming they appeared to be — who he wouldn’t greet with a smile and handshake.

Greenway’s best lines were about how he always worried about how comfortable the pigs were (outdoor lots and unheated wooden barns didn’t seem too humane to him) and how he just wanted to produce safe food — safe for his kids and grandkids who ate the pork he produced, for neighbors who bought his pigs direct from the farm and had them processed at a local locker plant, and for people he didn’t know who bought their pork from HyVee, Coburns or another grocer.

Glenn Miller, director of the South Dakota Pork Producers Council, says the recognition of Greenway and Anderson reflects well on all South Dakota farmers.

“They represent the caliber of producers here in our state. Both are concerned about the environment, animal well-being, community involvement, the swine industry and agriculture as a whole.”

There’s a lesson for North Dakota in the awards, too.

Greenway is one of 14 partners in a swine cooperative managed by Pipestone Systems. The sow barn they own together is the same kind of project that was permitted for a farm near Buffalo, N.D., but may end up getting bogged down in court because opponents don’t want it near their town.

Greenway’s farm is also the type of livestock enterprise that we may see more of if exemptions are passed in November to North Dakota’s ban on corporations owning farmland.

I think North Dakota could use a few more Brad Greenways and Craig Andersons.

Videos and features
For more information, see these YouTube videos about Greenway, which include “Brad Greenway — 2016 America's Pig Farmer of the Year” and  “2016 America's Pig Farmer of the Year Finalist — Brad Greenway." There is also a profile of the Greenway family by the South Dakota Farmers Union.

Lastly, check out the YouTube video of Anderson, “2016 Pig Farmer of the Year Finalist — Craig Andersen.”

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