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Agri-Mek controls mites, boosts yields … and then some

May 29, 2007

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There’s more than just a powerful miticide/insecticide in a jug of Agri-Mek®. There’s a world of support in there, too.

Agri-Mek delivers outstanding control of mites and certain insects in a wide array of crops, from almonds to pome fruit to strawberries to vegetables … and then some. The “some” is the strong backing of Syngenta, a global leader in pest control.

The active ingredient in Agri-Mek, a member of the avermectin class of chemistries, commonly referred to as abamectin, is purified to pharmaceutical standards. The efficacy of Agri-Mek is boosted by Syngenta formulation, packaging and quality control standards that protect the active ingredient in Agri-Mek from degradation. And most recently, Merck & Co. Inc. has granted Syngenta an exclusive license to use Merck’s patented manufacturing technology for the insecticide abamectin in the field of crop protection, seed treatment, turf and ornamentals.

That’s why Agri-Mek promises excellent results, and then some. Because only Agri-Mek has the global team from Syngenta behind it. From scientists in the lab to representatives in the field, Syngenta embodies both global expertise and local problem solving. And with more than 250 sales reps in the United States, Syngenta is where you farm locally.

Agri-Mek is formulated to the industry’s highest standards. It’s supported by a world of science and research. And it’s backed by Syngenta’s commitment to quality and service. So Agri-Mek delivers top control and more almonds (as well as more apples, pears, vegetables, strawberries and a variety of other crops). Agri-Mek also delivers greater security and peace of mind … and then some.

For more information, visit the Syngenta Crop Protection Web site: or call the Syngenta Customer Center at 1-866-SYNGENTA (866-796-4368).

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