For 2021 marketing goals, small steps are key

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Take the first step to get major momentum.

When most people are faced with a large task or goal, often the toughest step to take is the very first one. Big goals can feel daunting. If they aren’t broken down into smaller steps, they can be nearly impossible to get started on.

It’s the same on the farm. When we have big goals or plans, sometimes they can seem overwhelming and there isn’t a clear path around what to do. Then, it can be very tempted to not even start – to do nothing. In fact, in the face of uncertainty, most people tend to do nothing.

That’s why it’s so important to break big goals down into smaller steps – and then to simply take the first step toward what you really want.

Break it down

One area where you probably have some goals and plans for the next couple years or so is around your farm’s marketing. Sometimes those big goals can seem daunting if there isn’t necessarily a clear path to achieving them, or if you just don’t know what to do next.

That’s when it’s even more important to break it down and take action – however small that step may seem. Moving toward your larger goals gives you momentum and is often the most important thing you can do.

Taking the step

Here a few ideas you could take as an initial “small step” toward your 2021 marketing plans and goals.

  • Learn a new marketing or merchandising tool. Having more tools to use at your disposal in your marketing plan is a smart idea. You might take some time this winter as a first step to educate yourself about a tool you haven’t ever used before or that you would like to gain a better understanding of.
  • Give yourself deadlines. Use a calendar that you regularly look at to create deadlines for decision-making about marketing targets such as grain sales. Sometimes it helps to work backward from hard deadlines to give yourself “soft” deadlines. That way, you have more time to make a more-informed decision.
  • Investigate a new source of marketing information. If you always read or listen to the same sources when it comes to information about the markets, you might consider diversifying your approach. As a small step, find one new source of market information – you might look into our free trial as a start.
  • Talk with a market advisor or market mentor. Navigating the markets can be a lonely road, but having a partner can help. Many farmers say it can be helpful to have a third party to bounce marketing ideas off of. Consider figuring out who you can talk to such as a trusted market advisor. Or maybe it’s another farmer you know and trust, such as a peer group member.

Consider what small step you can take this winter toward your biggest marketing goals and plans. You can get some more momentum toward your goals by talking with our market advisors.

The opinions of the author are not necessarily those of Farm Futures or Farm Progress. 

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