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Claas offers Jaguar forage harvester

Claas of America has introduced its powerful Jaguar 900 self-propelled forage harvester. The newest addition of Class' line of higher performance forage harvesters, the “top of the line” Jaguar 900 has the largest capacity of any self-propelled forage harvester in the world.

To handle the additional capacity over the existing line of Jaguars, the 900 is equipped with several heavy-duty features, such as a heavy-duty cutting drum, a heavy-duty corn cracker as well as a new heavy-duty feed roller system.

Equipped with a fuel-efficient Mercedes 600 HP V-8 engine with electronic controlled fuel injection, the 900 can maintain high output in a variety of field conditions.

Other new features include automatic over-drive transmission, high capacity cooling system and a 283-gallon capacity fuel tank.

A spacious cab with improved operator's platform delivers an unobstructed view for the driver during harvest. Controls are easy-to-reach and all harvesting and hydrostatic ground drives are controlled by one multi-function lever. A metal detector is standard.

The 900 Jaguar is available with a six- or eight-row corn header or with a 10-foot or 12.5-foot-wide hay pickup head. Corn heads are equipped with Auto-Steer, which automatically guides the Jaguar down corn rows.

Claas also has the new Claas Rollant 250RC round baler with Uniwrap system which combines baling and wrapping in one operation — saving time and labor. The baler wraps up to 50 bales an hour using one driver, one tractor and with one pass through the field.

The Uniwrap wrapping system utilizes rotating arms that wrap the bale with pre-stretched plastic as the bale rotates on a turntable. The 250RC Uniwrap can also be used to bale dry hay and straw and then the wrapping system can be used as an accumulator.

Designed with the Claas Roto Cut system with 33 rotor scrapers and 14 individually protected knives, the Rollant 250RC makes perfectly chopped silage. It provides excellent bale density and easy break up of highly compacted bales. Equipped with 16 all-steel ribbed rollers with up to eight reinforcement plates, the Rollant 250RC insures excellent bale compression even with damp silage.

The baler also features Claas' unique Maximum Pressure System (MPS) for reliable, smooth operation with low maintenance. The MPS rotates the bale earlier and applies steady, strong pressure to the bale, for denser, heavier bales when harvesting in wet or dry conditions.

Other features include a fully automatic tailgate and an 83-inch-wide, four-bar pickup with 32 tines per bar. The large pickup insures thorough harvesting and even filling of the baling chamber. Dual mounted wheels on the pickup reduce damage to the grass stubble.

The Uniwrap system on the Rollant 250RC is completely automatic and wraps up to 50 bales per hour. It quickly and accurately transfers the bale from the baler to the wrapping platform and deposits the bale gently to the field once the bale is fully wrapped.

Switch the system to a twin bale drop and the dual purpose wrapper becomes a bale accumulator to harvest hay and straw.

The Uniwrap system features dual wrapping arms and four wide belts, each with two support rollers that keep the bale in the proper position to provide even stretch wrapping on slopes and at high working speeds. It carries 12 rolls of sheeting and delivers a 52 percent overlap with stretch wrapping and a 60 percent ratio for silage baling.

The system is available with double twine tie, Rollatex tying only or with both twine and Rollatex tying.

The C.C.T. (Class Control Terminal) monitoring and control system is mounted in the tractor and features manual over-ride. It holds up to 20 individual reports.

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